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There is a Fungus Among Us at Abingdon Elementary School! 11-15-2017

Students hold bags showing how fungus grows.Fifth graders have been studying kingdoms of life and have grown fungi in bags using bread, oranges, and bananas. Students allowed the fungi to grow for two weeks so they could compare different species of fungi.

Patrick Henry High School - Physics Students at PHHS Study Inertial Balance 11-15-2017

Four students standing around a desk.Physics students in Mrs. Eason’s Physics I class at Patrick Henry High School recently did a lab on how the period of vibration of an inertial balance relates to mass.  They learned that this could be a way to mass things even in space.

Meadowview Elementary School First Grade Visits Rocky Mount 11-13-2017

Students sitting in a 1700's style house with a lady dressed in attire from that era.First Graders at Meadowview Elementary School had the opportunity to step back in time.  They did this by visiting Rocky Mount Living Museum in Gray, Tennessee. The students were able to see how people lived, cooked, traveled and worked in the 1700’s.

Wallace Middle School FFA Students Compete at the Fair 11-13-2017

Children handling sheep with a crowd of people watching.Wallace Middle School’s Junior FFA recently competed in the Washington County Fair Livestock Judging Contest. Wallace’s FFA placed second overall, which is an amazing accomplishment for a junior level team competing against senior level high school teams.

Patrick Henry High School - The Commonwealth of Patrick Henry vs. Gene Forrester 11-10-2017

Students sitting in desks while one student stands.Students in Mrs. Burke’s English 10 recently studied John Knowles’ novel A Separate Peace. After reading the novel, students researched several topics associated with the novel and decided to put the main character, Gene Forrester, on trial for the murder of his best friend Finny.

Rhea Valley Elementary School Has a "Minion" Reasons to Be Bully and Drug Free 11-10-2017

Four students standing in front of a poster.The students at Rhea Valley Elementary School have “A Minion Reasons to be Bully and Drug Free.”

Holston High School Cross Country Team Races All the Way to the State 11-09-2017

A group of students posing together in track uniforms.Holston High School’s Cross Country team has again proven they are a force to be reckoned with.  Over the course of the last four years, they have sent numerous runners to the district finals and to the state finals.  This year’s team has set the bar even higher.  Under the direction of Coach Sammy Campbell, the Boy’s CC team has earned the right to compete at the state meet.  Eight of the nine runners will also compete as individuals because of their finish in the district event.

Valley Institute Elementary School Gifted Students are Brain Ready! 11-09-2017

A student holding their brain model.The GATE students at Valley Institute have been busy learning all they can about the human brain.  Students have been conducting research, collecting data, and finding out all the ways the human brain helps them learn!

High Point Elementary School Fourth Graders Observed National Chemistry Week at Eastman Chemical Co. 11-08-2017

Students conducting science experiments.High Point Elementary fourth grade students attended Eastman’s National Chemistry week.  Students learned about natural magnets and the rotation of the earth and how mixing chemicals makes chemiluminescence liquid which makes the glow happen in glass tubing.

Emory and Henry Students Visit Meadowview Elementary School P.E. 11-08-2017

A group of students standing with college students.Emory and Henry Students visited Meadowview Elementary P.E. classes.