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High Point Third Grade Math Students are Designers! 02-02-2015

A child with toothpicks and marshmallows.Third grade math students in Mrs. Miller’s and Mrs. Ratliff’s math classes are studying geometry. They have used a variety of activities to learn about various solid (3d shapes like cone, sphere, rectangular prism, cube, cylinder, and square pyramid) and plane figures (flat shape like square, rectangle, circle, etc.).

Damascus Middle School Students Compete in Dramatic Reading 01-30-2015

A group of students sit on a couch holding books.Damascus Middle School 4-H members recently competed in the Dramatic Reading contest, in which they performed a short reading from their choice of literature.  They were awarded points in each of the following areas: introduction of the piece, tone and emphasis, speed and rhythm, facial expression, and body language.

Wallace Middle School Students Participate in Holiday Mail for Heroes Program 01-30-2015

A group of students sitting at their desks writing.Eighth grade students at Wallace Middle School attended a Veterans Day ceremony to honor those who have served and are currently serving in the military. The students were so inspired by the program that they wanted to show gratitude by spreading some extra holiday cheer this year.

Meadowview Elementary First Graders are Saving Turkeys 01-29-2015

A class of first grade students at Meadowview Elementary hold up the turkey projects.Meadowview first grade students from Mrs. Cole’s class were given the task of disguising their Thanksgiving turkey to save his/her life. The students took the challenge and turned turkeys into Christmas trees, basketball pigs, hunters dressed in camo, a peacock and even Santa. Many creative materials were used.

First Graders at Greendale Elementary Enjoy a Pajama Party! 01-28-2015

First graders are sitting around on the floor and in chairs in the cafeteria while watching a movie on a television.First graders at Greendale enjoyed our Christmas Celebration on Monday, December 15, 2014 with pizza and a movie. Everyone enjoyed a delicious cheese pizza from Pizza Inn and we topped it off with chocolate chip dessert pizza….yum!!

John S. Battle Percussionist Joins Elite Marching Group 01-28-2015

Four men in uniform stand with a younger man wearing a bow tie.This past November, Jesse H., a senior band member at John S. Battle High School was officially announced as a member of the 2015 All-American Army Marching Band. Members of the student body, dignitaries, family members and the press attended the special event held in the school auditorium.

Damascus Middle School SCA Provides Delicious Breakfast! 01-27-2015

A group of students stand behind a table of food.The Student Council at Damascus Middle School, under the leadership of club sponsors Mrs. Lisa Blackburn and Mrs. Amy Caywood, recognized American Education Week by providing breakfast for faculty and staff members on Wednesday, November 19. This was a great way to start the day!

Multi-School Experiential Education at the Channels 01-27-2015

Twenty high school students sit on a large rock formation after completing a hiking trip.On October 24 and 25, students from Patrick Henry HS and Holston HS joined Abingdon HS AT2 on a weekend excursion to the Great Channels of Virginia. The group arrived on Friday afternoon in time to set up camp, start the fire, and cook dinner before lights out.

High Point Elementary Pre-K Students Learn About Letters! 01-26-2015

A group of children sitting on a multicolored rug holding papers to learn letters.Preschoolers at High Point Elementary learned about the letter X.  As we all know, X marks the spot on a pirate treasure map, so our theme was pirates. As part of their study on pirates, the students learned about maps and telescopes. The children learned that different maps can show us different information.

Washington County Schools Hold Division-wide Spelling Bee 01-26-2015

Four adults and two children holding trophies standing in front of a stage.On Tuesday, January 20, 2015 spelling bee winners from the seven elementary schools competed in the annual elementary school spelling bee. School representatives were:  Gavin M. (Abingdon Elementary), Jana L. (Greendale Elementary), Ryan M. (High Point Elementary), Ryan W. (Meadowview Elementary), Nathan C. (Rhea Valley Elementary), Colby K. (Valley Institute Elementary), and Jamie L. (Watauga Elementary). The spelling bee was held at Watauga Elementary School.