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Damascus Middle School’s Sixth-Grade Chorus Presents Program! 10-07-2014

Three students sing on stage.On Monday, September 22, students in Ms. Sue Spirup’s sixth-grade Chorus Exploratory class entertained us with songs from the past.  During the six-week class, Ms. Spirup followed the scope and sequence of the social studies curriculum, and the students learned songs from pre-Civil War times through the Civil War and Westward Expansion. 

School Chorus Groups and Band Unite for Common Cause 10-07-2014

A group of 100 plus young people stand on a track surface at football field with choral director standing in front; spectators are in foreground sitting on bleacher seats.On Tuesday evening, September 23, approximately 250 members from the Abingdon High School, Holston High School, and Patrick Henry High School Choruses, as well as the AHS Marching Band, presented a music-filled benefit concert in Abingdon High School's Falcon Stadium.

High Point Students Know How to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 10-06-2014

High Point student holds a skunk pelt.High Point Elementary School third graders traveled to Sugar Hallow Park to participate in the Upper Tennessee River Conservation Camp. While they were there, students traveled to different stations with many hands-on and interactive activities.

Greendale Elementary Lion Helpers 2014-15 10-06-2014

A fifth grader is helping three younger children build a community out of building blocks on the floor in front of the cubicles.Students are participating in an important helping opportunity at Greendale Elementary School through the Guidance and Counseling Program.

Special Education Advisory Committee Meeting 10-04-2014

The Washington County Special Education Advisory Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.  The meeting will be held in the top floor conference room of the Annex Building.  The meeting is open to the public.

Questions regarding the meeting may be directed to Connie Phillips, Supervisor of Special Education at 739-3041.

Watauga is Utterly Amazing! 10-03-2014

Watauga is Utterly Amazing!Each School in Washington County was given a “pull apart” cow to paint and decorate to represent their school at the Washington County Fair, September 8-13th This gave Watauga a chance to display our school and community pride!  We are proud of the historic sites, arts, culture, and outdoor adventures Washington County has to offer.

Students at Wallace Middle School Study Acids and Bases 10-03-2014

Students are sitting in a science classroom.Eighth grade students in Mr. Wallace’s science class are studying the nature of matter. As part of the science unit, students investigated acids and bases by conducting several experiments. Students used glass beakers containing different liquids and tested them using an indicator strip which shows the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

Third Graders at Greendale Elementary Design Greek Vases and Practice Creative Writing 10-02-2014

Third grade student, Cadence B. is sitting at her desk with an editor’s headband on.

Third graders in Mrs. Lutzo’s class are working hard to improve their writing skills. Students build their writing folders by collecting helpful writing tips and guides from Mrs. Lutzo and use these to make their own writing better.

Glade Spring Middle School Volleyball Team Lends Care and Support 10-02-2014

Several girls pose on bleachers with a large sign.

On Thursday, September 18th, the Glade Spring Middle School eighth grade volleyball team traveled to Northwood Middle School, where they surprised a very special eighth grader. Miranda M., a Northwood Middle School eighth grader, was planning to play volleyball this year. 

High Point Elementary School Preschool Studies Community Helpers! 10-01-2014

High Point Preschool Student Stands with a Police Officer.This week, preschool students at High Point Elementary studied community helpers. The children learned that a community is a place where people live, work, and play.  The students also learned about different people who work in our community.