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Team Intense Visits Damascus Middle School! 10-01-2014

Two students tear phone books with help from two adults.On Wednesday, September 17, Damascus Middle School students, faculty, and staff were challenged to meet obstacles with strength and courage by Team Intense!  With music blasting and muscles bulging, Team Intense members Josh Whisneant and Kenneth Etta shared their physical and mental strength while talking about the importance of making good choices in life.  

IRS Agent Visits JSB Business Classes 09-30-2014

A man and two students wear protective gear. Mr. Trevor McMurray is a IRS Agent who specializes in cases dealing with tax fraud or tax evasion.  Mr. McMurray took time out of his busy schedule to speak to the kids at JSB on Wednesday, September 18th. 

Glade Spring Middle School GATE Visits Research Farm 09-30-2014

A man holds out a branch to a girl.On September 19, students in Glade Spring Middle School’s GATE program traveled to the American Chestnut Foundation Research Farm in Meadowview, Virginia.  During the visit, students were led by guide, David Bevins, a former Glade Spring Middle School student.  

Damascus Middle School Students Participate in the Washington County Fair! 09-29-2014

Two students sit on shelves in the library.Damascus Middle School was well-represented at the 2014 Washington County Fair!  Students Ashley J., seventh-grader, and Madison R., eighth-grader, performed at the School Day at the Fair Talent Showcase on Friday, September 12.  

Valley Fourth Graders Test Drops On a Penny 09-29-2014

Seated at desks two students are dropping water into red cups.Recently fourth grade science students at Valley Institute conducted an experiment to find out how many drops of soapy water and fresh water the top of a penny would hold. Students in Mrs. Shortt's class worked with partners and were able to make observations, ask questions, and formed a hypothesis. 

School Days at Watauga 09-26-2014

Humphrey and friends from the Knoxville ZooFor the fifth year, Watauga Elementary School students and their families, along with teachers and the entire staff, were unified by a shared experience; the One School, One Book program.

High Point Elementary Fourth Grade Student Wins Scholarship 09-26-2014

High Point Fourth Grade Student Sits with Cabbage.Owen A., a fourth grader at High Point Elementary School, has been entered into the Bonnie Plants drawing for a $1,000 scholarship.  

Patrick Henry High English 9 Class Show Their Character 09-25-2014

Students sit in a group around a poster.Mrs. Duncan’s English 9 Honors class recently performed “post-mortems” on characters from their summer reading, Robert Lipsyte’s The Contender.  Students were assigned groups, and each group was assigned a specific character to analyze. 

Damascus Middle School Library Hosts Scholastic Book Fair! 09-25-2014

Three students sit on beanbags holding books.During the week of September 8-11, the Damascus Middle School Library was filled with new books, bright posters, and fun school supplies for sale to benefit the library program. 

Fourth Graders at Greendale Elementary Participate in Patriot Day 09-24-2014

Three girls are smiling in the hallway after participating in a community service on Patriot Day.Mrs. Kiser fourth grade classes at Greendale Elementary School found a neat way to participate in Patriot Day this year.  Patriot Day takes place each year on September 11 in order to remember all who gave their lives on the fateful day.