A group of eleven young people stand outside a brick school building on pavement in parking lot. Falcon Debate Team members presented a convincing statement for debate and are advancing to state.

Congratulations to the Abingdon High School Debate Team on placing second in regional tournament at Blacksburg High School on April 5. In just its second year in existence, the team grew from four to eleven and proved to be formidable contenders in regional competition. Six of the team members progressed to state tournament: Austin B. (senior) and Jackson N. (freshman) advanced in Student Congress, while Policy Debate teams, Darby B. and Alexis R. (freshmen) along with Hanna F. and Jared H. (junior/sophomore), both advanced to state. Darby and Alexis secured a first place finish in Policy Debate. In addition, Abingdon had three alternates: Erin S. and John David M. (freshmen) for Congress and Ava B. (junior) in Lincoln-Douglas. Abingdon is proud of our Falcon Debate Team! Dr. Crystal Hurd is the coach.

Man reading to students. Delegate O'Quinn with Mrs. Sharp's Class.

On April 10, Watauga Elementary was honored to have Delegate Israel O'Quinn as a guest reader. Delegate O'Quinn visited preschoolers in Mrs. Childress' class, as well as first graders in Mrs. Sharp's class. He read the book, Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss. Students sharpened their abilities to observe while discovering all the "wacky" things wrong on each page. Mrs. Sharp's class presented Delegate O'Quinn with a class book created especially for his visit. Having Delegate O'Quinn certainly made for a terrific day at Watauga.

Students stand in their formal attire. Holston High School students who attended Model General Assembly in Richmond.

The Holston High School Coed Hi-Y attended the Model General Assembly on Thursday, March 27, through Saturday, March 29, in Richmond, Virginia. Members who attended were Sydney T. - Delegate, Skylar H. - Reporter, Kelsey W. - Lobbyist, Tyler S. - Senator, Tanner S. and Billy H. - Underclassmen Legislators, and Sponsors - Ms. Atwell and Mrs. Counts.

The Attorney General, Mark Herring, addressed the attendees Thursday night, at the opening ceremony at St. Paul’s Church, across from the Capitol. Upon the ceremony’s conclusion, the committee meetings started. Holston’s bill amended a law requiring anyone who drives a moped on a public highway to have a valid driver’s license. It was a great opportunity for students to see firsthand how difficult it is to amend a state law. The students actually met in the Senate and Legislative Chambers in the Capitol Building since Congress was out of session at the time.

On Friday night the entire group of approximately 500 was treated to a banquet and formal dance. An election was then held for the Youth Governor for next year. On Saturday all students gathered back at St. Paul’s Church for the closing joint session for final remarks.

The group also had an opportunity to visit the War Memorial, drive down Monument Avenue, and have a wonderful lunch at the Tobacco Company. It was a very enjoyable and informative trip!

A boy holding an LCD candle and another boy work on their stories. Hunter P. and Alex M. share a candle as they work on their stories about Merlin’s cave.

Ever been to Merlin’s Cave? Not many get the opportunity to travel to Cornwall, England, but students in Ms. Phillips’s English Language Arts classes had an opportunity to go on a virtual field trip at the beginning of Writing Workshop. Students learned about the hike along the cliffs near the cave, saw pictures of the cave, and heard the sounds of the wind and the sea from inside the cave. While sitting in cave-like darkness (by LED candlelight), students wrote their own spooky cave stories. After two days of writing, everyone enjoyed hearing the stories. With the lights out and the candles on, students shared their flair for the creepy, the scary, and the magical. Writers discovered they had voice—and the power to wow with word choices!

Three students sit next to a compost bin. Three Greendale Elementary third-grade students work on their compost.

Students in Mrs. Lutzo’s third-grade science class recently explored the world of composting! After learning about soil and its different parts, the students received a somewhat messy homework assignment…bring in some stinky, some rotten, or some sticky “stuff.” Students definitely did their homework! Some of the items that students brought in were as follows: coffee grounds, straw, hair, sawdust, and fruit and vegetable peelings, which were added to soil to make compost. Then, with the help of Mrs. Lutzo, the students mixed in worms and water and made holes in the top for the air to go into the compost. They will use this as soil in the front flower bed. The students have learned a lot about soil through this project, such as the importance of adding compost as nutrients for soil and the importance of worms to the decomposition process. The plants in our front flower bed should be healthier, thanks to this project!

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