A man holds out a branch to a girl. Sandy W. samples a chestnut.
On September 19, students in Glade Spring Middle School’s GATE program traveled to the American Chestnut Foundation Research Farm in Meadowview, Virginia. During the visit, students were led by guide, David Bevins, a former Glade Spring Middle School student. He told them about the genetics and backcross ​breeding among different species of trees. Bevins, farm coordinator, taught the students about pollination​ and the laboratory experiments he does on the blight that affects chestnut trees​. The students were able to see trees from different generations, collected chestnuts, and even tasted some, too! The trip was a great way to learn about trees but also protecting our environmental resources. Glade Spring Middle School GATE is sponsored by Mrs. Colleen Buchanan and Mrs. Sherry Cannon.
Seated at desks two students are dropping water into red cups. Two students test their hypothesis in Mrs. Shortt's classroom
Recently fourth grade science students at Valley Institute conducted an experiment to find out how many drops of soapy water and fresh water the top of a penny would hold. Students in Mrs. Shortt's class worked with partners and were able to make observations, ask questions, and formed a hypothesis. Next they tested their hypothesis, and analyzed data while discussing their data with partners. Finally they were able to draw their own conclusions about this experiment. The students took every step of the scientific method and carefully explored the process just like a real scientist! Learning abounds all over Valley Institute!!
Two students sit on shelves in the library. Talent Showcase participants Ashley J. and Madison R. pose in the library!
Damascus Middle School was well-represented at the 2014 Washington County Fair! Students Ashley J., seventh-grader, and Madison R., eighth-grader, performed at the School Day at the Fair Talent Showcase on Friday, September 12. Both girls shared talents they have been developing through many years of practice; Ashley presented an energetic gymnastics routine, and Madison an exciting clogging routine! In addition to enjoying the talents presented at the Talent Showcase, students in attendance at School Day at the Fair could participate in fun and educational activities, led by teachers in the county. Students who completed these activities were entered in a Duck Race to win prizes, and the two middle school winners both are Damascus Middle School students, Catilyn C. and Eric T.! In keeping with the fair’s theme this year, which was, “Have You Herd about the Fun at the Washington County Fair?” art teacher Ms. Jennifer Smith coordinated the decorating of our school’s cow with school colors. The Washington County Fair Parade was on Saturday, September 13, and two students, Nathan M. and Anna Blake W., represented Damascus Middle School in this event. The Washington County Fair provides a wonderful opportunity for students to share their time and talents with our community!
High Point Fourth Grade Student Sits with Cabbage. Owen A. Sits With his Prize Winning Plant.
Owen A., a fourth grader at High Point Elementary School, has been entered into the Bonnie Plants drawing for a $1,000 scholarship. Last year, as part of the 3rd grade cabbage program, Owen was given a cabbage plant. Each year Bonnie Plants gives cabbage plants to third-grade students to plant, water, and watch grow. Owen reported that he planted the cabbage in his garden and put something on it to keep the animals away. With the help of his family, Owen watered the plant weekly and put up chicken wire to keep the deer from eating it. When asked about his cabbage plant, Owen stated, “I was surprised at how big that little plant got. I hope I win the $1,000 scholarship!” Owen’s cabbage weighed in at 10 pounds and 13 ounces! Great job, Owen!
Humphrey and friends from the Knoxville Zoo Humphrey and friends from the Knoxville Zoo
For the fifth year, Watauga Elementary School students and their families, along with teachers and the entire staff, were unified by a shared experience; the One School, One Book program. The book selected for this year was School Days According to Humphrey. To kick off this years’ read, the Knoxville Zoomobile brought the entire school together to see four live animals and learn about some of the special adaptations wildlife use to survive in their habitats. During the days that followed, pet crates housing toy hamsters went home with different students each night. The students wrote about taking care of Humphrey and his adventures at their homes. The next day, the students shared their experiences with the class. Previous years' books have been, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, The World According to Humphrey, The Cricket in Time Square, and The of the Swan. The One School, One Book program is designed to create a shared reading experience and help students develop a lifelong love of reading.

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