Seven students pose in front of the DMS News Backdrop. Damascus Middle School News Crew members present the daily news!
The 2014-2015 Damascus Middle School News Crew recently went to work! Composed of anchors Caleb C., Gracie S., Jake S., and Drew W.; cameraman Ethan G.; technician Hanna D.; and weatherwoman Jenna G., the crew is responsible for everything required to run a news show. After leading the school in observing the Moment of Silence and saying the Pledge of Allegiance, the crew puts together a lively show of important morning announcements, including the lunch menu, birthdays, the word of the day, school events, and the daily weather forecast. The process of becoming a member of the News Crew began while these eighth-graders were still in seventh grade and consisted of their submission of an application, which included three references from teachers. Principal Dixie Hunter then looked at the students’ grades, attendance, and discipline records to select the seven members of the Damascus Middle School News Crew. We look forward to beginning each day with them!
Students sit on carpet with cups. Mrs. Graham's second grade class.
Watauga Elementary second graders are getting into the rhythm of a new school year. During music class, students learned a routine using plastic cups to create different rhythmic patterns. After mastering the routine, students performed along with the Sousa March El Capitan. Upon completing the activity, students discussed the importance of working cooperatively as a group, especially during movements in which they were required to pass the cup around the circle to their neighbor. The students also acknowledged that the activity required good listening and participation skills to complete the task successfully.
Six adults are accepting an award in front of a blue banner. Jessica France, Shannon Mutter, Dr. Yost, David Lambert, Kelli Whited, and Veita Lyle are accepting the Schools to Watch award for Wallace.
This summer Mr. Lambert, Dr. Yost, and four faculty/staff members from Wallace Middle School attended the Annual National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform Conference better known as the SCHOOLS TO WATCH in Arlington, VA. Their attendance was required because Wallace Middle School was awarded and nominated to become a National School To Watch. The National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform is an alliance of over 60 educators, researchers, national associations, and officers of professional organizations and foundations committed to promoting the academic performance and healthy development of young adolescents. In order to prepare students to be lifelong learners ready for college, career, and citizenship, the National Forum seeks to make every middle grades school academically excellent, responsive to the developmental needs and interests of young adolescents, and socially equitable. To accomplish its goal of improved academic and developmental outcomes for all students in the middle grades, the Forum identifies and disseminates best practices, articulates and promotes effective policies, recognizes and develops enlightened leadership, and informs and engages the public. Through its Schools to Watch® (STW) program, the Forum has developed criteria for identifying high-performing middle-grades schools, created tools to help schools use the criteria, expanded the program to 18 states, and selected and honored 200 successful schools across the country during the Annual STW Conference. Congratulations to Wallace Middle School for all of their hard work achieving this goal.
HPES Student poses with teachers. High Point Elementary Fifth Grade Student Daniel M. poses with his mother and teachers.
To begin the 2014 – 2015 school year for fifth graders at High Point Elementary School, the fifth grade teachers invited parents to a “Meet and Greet” on Thursday, August 14 from 6:30 until 8:00. During this orientation session, Ms. Baldwin, Ms. Jones, Ms. Perrigan, and Mrs. Sullivan informed parents of the procedures and high expectations for fifth graders. Parents were excited to hear about the field trips, special celebrations, and fun activities planned for the school year. Over 70 families attended the first fifth grade “Meet and Greet.” Parents asked excellent questions and commented that they appreciated being given the opportunity to visit with teachers at the beginning of the school year. Comments from parents were very positive, and teachers and parents felt the gathering was successful. The teachers have agreed that this will be an annual event for fifth grade.
A college student stands in front of a group of students. Austin Holmes shares memories of his trip to Peru with the Damascus Middle School Spanish I class!
Señor Austin Holmes, son of Glade Spring Middle School principal, Mr. Kelly Holmes, and Damascus Middle School teacher, Mrs. Robin Holmes, recently visited Spanish I students at both schools to share lessons he learned from his study abroad in Peru. In addition to his complete immersion in the Spanish language, he gained knowledge of the culture, climate, and people that supplemented the knowledge acquired through his Spanish classes at Virginia Military Institute. Holmes shared the amazing parts of his trip, like the magnificent examples of architecture, the beauty of the landscape, and the ingenuity of the people. He also shared the parts of his trip that made him more appreciative of the amenities we enjoy in the United States, like flushing toilet paper, heating and cooling systems, and trash collection. To conclude his presentation, Holmes encouraged the students to learn Spanish as a means to communicate and develop peaceful relationships with people from other cultures in order to work together to better our world! Holmes’s presentation provided a wonderful example of the point of learning other languages; a lesson Ms. Obregon hopes her Spanish I students take to heart!

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