The Washington County Health Department will once again offer flu vaccine to students with parent consent, on site, during the school day, on October 20, 21 or 22. Information packets and consent forms will be distributed to students. If you want your child to receive flu vaccine at school, please complete all required information, sign and send back to school with your child. The return date for consent forms has been extended to October 3, 2014. Verbal consents cannot be accepted. Specific flu clinic dates for each school will be available from your school soon. Copies of the forms can be accessed on the WCS homepage, under Health and Wellness.

Students sit in a group around a poster. Some of Mrs. Duncan's students show their character.
Mrs. Duncan’s English 9 Honors class recently performed “post-mortems” on characters from their summer reading, Robert Lipsyte’s The Contender. Students were assigned groups, and each group was assigned a specific character to analyze. Group members were asked to provide evidence from the text in the form of quotations to illustrate the character’s personality based on the body parts. For example, the head represented the character’s intellectual side, his/her torso represented the character’s instinctive side, and the feet represented the literal and figurative mobility of the character. Based on the evidence, students then made a diagnosis by providing two adjectives to characterize each character. Findings were shared with the class. The activity was expanded with a writing activity in which students wrote a character analysis.
Three students sit on beanbags holding books. Three of the lucky students who won a free book from the Damascus Middle School Book Fair relax with their new books!
During the week of September 8-11, the Damascus Middle School Library was filled with new books, bright posters, and fun school supplies for sale to benefit the library program. On Friday, September 5, grandparents attending our Grandparents’ breakfast were given a Sneak Peek at the Book Fair, and then throughout the following week, students were given opportunities to browse the Scholastic Book Fair and make wish lists, shop, and win free books. Open House was held on Thursday evening, and every student who attended Open House had a chance to win one of five free books! The five lucky recipients were as follows: Austin L., sixth-grader; Connor B. and Carson B., seventh-graders; and Amber H. and Elizabeth S., eighth-graders! These students chose one of their favorite books from the fair, with selections ranging from a book about Minecraft to a biography of Austin Mahone. The Damascus Middle School Library program will definitely benefit from each student, parent, and grandparent who supported our Book Fair!
Three girls are smiling in the hallway after participating in a community service on Patriot Day. Greendale Elementary Fourth Graders were excited to participate in community service on Patriot Day.
Mrs. Kiser fourth grade classes at Greendale Elementary School found a neat way to participate in Patriot Day this year. Patriot Day takes place each year on September 11 in order to remember all who gave their lives on the fateful day. The class began by Mrs. Kiser reading 14 Cows for America, written by Wilson Kimeli Naiyomah. It is the story of how a small village in Nairobi, Kenya gives their prize cattle to the American Embassy in order to show support for our country. After discussing the events of September 11, the classes went outside to pick up trash as a community service. This was a way for these fourth graders to show their support for their school. The students take a lot of pride in their school, and wanted it to look nice for Open House. On September 12, the classes then read the book, September 12, a book written by a group of first graders from H. Byron Masterson Elementary in Kennett, MO. This book gave hope to all and relayed the message that everything was going to be okay. Mrs. Kiser hopes that this will become a tradition at Greendale Elementary so that students can participate in community service on Patriot Day.
A man stands under a spray of soda in front of gym bleachers. Team Intense showers the crowd with soda by tearing apart a 7up can.
On September 16, Glade Spring Middle School hosted a special motivational program from Team Intense. Team members, Josh Whisneant and Ken Etta amazed the audience with feats of strength such as rolling up a frying pan and bending a half inch diameter piece of steel into a twisted​ pretzel-like​ shape. The crowd was wowed (and splashed with diet 7up) when Mr. Whisneant broke full soda cans in half with his bare hands. He then shared a powerful anti-alcohol and drugs message with the students. They listened with rapt attention as he detailed a humorous account of the first and last time he drank beer and then continued with a more serious message of what can happen when friends drink alcohol and drive. He closed the program with a reminder to students to be responsible and stick to positive influences and actions. Mr. Etta then broke a wooden baseball bat just by using his bicep. It was an exciting ​and meaningful ​program for students and teachers.

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