Kirsty V. in Ireland. Kirsty V. in Ireland.

While most students spent their summer lying by the pool or or even working, John Battle senior, Kirsty V. traveled to Europe with 33 other Student Ambassadors from 3 different states. As a delegate in the People to People Student Ambassador Program, Kirsty prepared for her excursion by attending monthly meetings of the delegates in Kingsport, Tennessee. Since 1963, Student Ambassador Programs have taken thousands of young Americans across international borders. Venturing abroad or on our own continent, Student Ambassadors return home with a greater sense of what it means to be a good neighbor and a global citizen. This summer, while in Europe the Ambassadors visited England, Ireland and Wales. John Battle is very proud of Kirsty and her accomplishments, so much so that she was voted Female Student of the Month for August.

Career and Technical Education teachers in their booth at the fair. Career and Technical Education teachers in their booth at the fair.

The teachers from the Washington County Technical School and the William Neff Center are again manning a booth at the Washington County Fair. Faculty and staff created posters with student photos for fairgoers to see. Visitors to the booth received brochures on the various CTE programs. The instructors also had candy available for younger fairgoers.

Darrell Blankenship from the Washington County Adult Skill Center is also lending his time to the effort this week. All CTE faculty and staff are eager to let the general public know about the good things that are happening in their programs.

Calley G. listens to breath sounds on a $50,000.00 human animation manikin in the UVA School of Nursing's <abbr title="Cardiac Intensive Care Unit">CICU</abbr> Simulation Lab. Calley G. listens to breath sounds on a $50,000.00 human animation manikin in the UVA School of Nursing's CICU Simulation Lab.

Washington County Technical School's Calley G. and her advisor, Jennifer Steffey, attended the Virginia Association of Health Occupations Students of America (VA HOSA) State Officer Leadership Conference at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville from July 15-18.

Calley G., VA HOSA Vice President, is a Junior at Abingdon High School and is enrolled in the Emergency Medical Technical program at the Washington County Technical School. As a State Officer Calley, is a member of the VA HOSA Executive Council and local chapter advisors, Ann Evans and Jennifer Steffey, are Advisors to the VA HOSA Executive Council.

During the conference, members of the Executive Council toured the UVA School of Nursing and medical library. Executive Council members also toured the radiology, telemedicine, microbiology, molecular medicine, nuclear medicine, and laboratory areas of the UVA Health System. The officers designed and agreed upon the 2007-2008 VA HOSA pin. Members of the council made progress on their goals for the VA HOSA 2007-2008 plan of work. Ground work was set for the National Executive Council Conference and Regional Fall Leadership Conferences.

In September, All Executive Council members and advisors from across the United States will travel to Washington D.C. for a National Executive Council Conference. The purpose of this conference is to discuss HOSA with State Representatives and congressional members.

Washington County Technical School Calley and it's HOSA Chapter will be responsible for planning and hosting the Region VII Fall Leadership Conference at the Southwest Higher Education Center in November. This Fall Leadership Conference has over 500 HOSA members from Region VII that attend each year.

Greendale Art Teacher, Ms. Thompson, at work in the entrance hall. Greendale Art Teacher, Ms. Thompson, at work in the entrance hall.

This past summer was a busy one at Greendale! In addition to its regular summer cleaning, Greendale received a little extra TLC. If one visited in the heat of July, one may have found various Greendale employees perched on ladders or crouched along baseboards, giving the building a fresh coat of paint. While the paint was still drying in places, Ms. Thompson, the art teacher, filled the entrance hall with inviting murals to welcome our students, teachers, and parents back to school!

Sarah M. represents the southern region at the National 4-H Curriculum Summit. Sarah M. represents the southern region at the National 4-H Curriculum Summit.

The National 4-H Curriculum Summit was an exciting opportunity for representatives from all parts of the 4-H Youth Development Program. Each region was invited to nominate 25 representatives to participate in this hands-on meeting from a range of individuals who work with 4-H curricula, including youth, volunteers, county faculty, state specialists, state program leaders, on-campus faculty with extension appointments, and other stakeholders. Sarah M., Patrick Henry High School senior, was nominated as a youth representative by the Southern Region. Participants were asked to represent a range of stakeholders who had experience with topics of the Summit, and who were willing to address critical issues. The Summit began June 11 when Session Committee Chairs and Members, as well as Collegiate Facilitators, came together to prepare for the Summit. The Summit opened with a welcome and keynote speakers, and the first day concluded with a Welcome Reception and Demonstration Session for participants to explore innovative ideas in curricula and delivery modes. The remaining sessions were panels, followed by breakout discussions, on the following topics: Defining the Goals of National 4-H Curricula; Standards and Practices Related to Quality; Priority Setting at the National Level; and Action Items and Next Steps-Quality Review, Delivery Methods, Training. All participants attended the first three sessions, which began with a Chair who presented an overview of the issue, introduced panelists with relevant expertise, and introduced questions that participants addressed. Participants were randomly divided into smaller groups for breakout discussions. For the final session, participants met in stakeholder groups (e.g., youth, volunteers, state specialists, etc.). The second and third days concluded with report outs from the day's discussions and plans. Thanks for your hard work Sarah!

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