Woman sits in a room decorated with art. High Point Elementary School Principal Meets President Obama.

High Point Elementary Principal, Sherry King, traveled to Washington, D.C. on May 1st for the honored privilege of meeting President Barack Obama. Mrs. King reflected that meeting the President was undoubtedly one of the most momentous life experiences for her both personally and professionally. “Although I have visited Washington D.C. on numerous occasions, enjoying all the history it has to offer, never did I imagine that I was destined to meet the President of the United States. While it was certainly wonderful to experience the grandeur of the White House with its historic and magnificent features, the real thrill and true honor was standing face to face with America’s leader, representing our nation’s elementary principals.” While at the White House, Mrs. King was also part of a celebration honoring top teachers from around the nation. During the ceremony, held in the East Room, the President said, “It's a teacher’s job to erase the negative messages and fill those boards with caring words and inspire confidence and strengthen values. Some of today's students may not even know what a chalkboard is anymore, but they do know what a teacher gives them stays with them for a lifetime because teachers matter.”

A group of students and a teacher stand in front of an airport. Lucky journey winners and Mrs. Halsey prepare to enter the Virginia Highlands Airport!

As the fourth nine-weeks drew to a close, students at Greendale Elementary worked diligently to not only meet, but to also exceed, their reading goals so that they could be entered in the drawing for the final journey of the year. Ten lucky students, Lacie B., Charlize D., Brayden D., Meghan G., Kiera G., Ella H., Judah N., Jake O., Brady P., and Makayla R., were selected to travel to the Virginia Highlands Airport with teacher Mrs. Teresa Halsey and librarian Mrs. Valerie Cox, where they were excited to meet Pilot Bob Dorton and Airport Manager Mickey Hines. After a tour of the airport, during which the students were able to explore a hangar and sit in the cockpit of a Cessna Citation, they ate a picnic lunch from Subway in the Dorton Aviation classroom. During lunch, Mr. Dorton demonstrated a flight simulator and encouraged each student to consider flight lessons if he/she was interested in becoming a pilot one day. Mrs. Halsey also shared some of her son’s experiences taking flight lessons from Mr. Dorton! We are appreciative of Mr. Bob Dorton for the wonderful experience he provided for us, Mr. John White for arranging this opportunity, and Mr. Mickey Hines for sharing the Virginia Highlands Airport with us! These students arrived back at Greendale just in time to join their classmates as they watched the movie Planes and enjoyed a sherbet snack! In this case, our students truly could imagine themselves “taking flight” through reading. Although this was the last journey of the year, our hope is that our students continue to journey through the books they read over the summer!

Many children dance in a school gymnasium. Million-word readers dance during lock-in.

High Point Elementary “Book Dynasty” students read millions of words during the 2013-2014 school year, for a chance to participate in the second annual lock-in! The fun-filled celebration included a midnight scavenger hunt, painting party, dodge ball tournament, dancing, a campfire complete with songs and s’mores, movies, and more! Each student also received a million-word reader water bottle, knapsack, lanyard, and glow-in-the-dark necklace. In addition, million-word readers were awarded a pink or green camouflage t-shirt and a Duck Dynasty beard upon reaching their million words. High Point students in grades first through fifth voraciously read over 320,000,000 words this year, and that’s a fact, Jack!

Students (seated on the floor) watch another student receive an iPad Mini from an adult. Raleigh F. excitedly receives his iPad Mini from Principal Allyson Willis!

As our school-year-long reading journey came to an end, students at Greendale Elementary School had read almost 160 million words during 2013-2014! Records were broken, with both of our top readers breaking Greendale’s school record of 6 million words, well before the year ended. Konnor K. and Lucas M., both avid readers of whatever book they have in hand at any given time, pushed each other to meet individual reading goals. Lucas ended the year with a whopping 8.4 million words read, and Konnor finished off with more than 7 million words read! In addition to these top two readers, several students were multi-million-word readers, as follows: Elizabeth B., over 6 million words; Anissa W., Justin L., and Jake P., over 3 million words each; and Raiyan I., Abby W., Ryan C., Brynne N., Phoebe P., Sierra B., Wendy B., Jana L., and Olivia J., over 2 million words each. Our one-million-word readers were as follows: Grace W., Amber W., Raleigh F., Desirae N., Peyton M., Scylar F., Elyssa B., Natalie S., Madison M., Stephanie M., Abbie R., Skyla K., James H., Luke B., Jazmine C., Sophie A., Austin F., David J., Sydney N., Abby H., Kaylee P., Jake O., Ayuob H., Emma B., Hope S., Makayla R., Abby N., Caroline W., Rebecca V., Erica C., and Annabelle A. We celebrated these readers with cupcakes and a drawing for a iPad Mini, and the lucky winner was Raleigh F! The top three readers in kindergarten were Emerson T., Isaac H., and McKenna S. ; in first grade were Serenity K., Lea J., and Daelyn N.; and in second grade were Cayden N., Lauren S., and Quinn P. Even though this reading journey has come to a close, we look forward to the reading we will do during the 2014-2015 school year!

Several adults stand in a library. High Point Elementary School Entertains Anne Holton, Secretary of Education.

Anne Holton, Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth of Virginia, was the honored guest of High Point Elementary on May 23! Secretary Holton, along with HPES faculty, School Board members, and Central Office staff, enjoyed lunch in the library while engaging in a thoughtful discussion about education policies and initiatives. Secretary Holton has served as Virginia’s Secretary of Education in the Cabinet of Governor Terry McAuliffe since January 2014. She is a former First Lady of Virginia and a lifelong advocate for children and families. Holton is the wife of U.S. Senator Tim Kaine and daughter of former Virginia Governor Linwood Holton. After graduating with a B.A. from Princeton University and receiving a law degree from Harvard University, she worked as a legal aid lawyer serving low-income families. She served as a juvenile and domestic relations district court judge from 1998 until 2005.

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