Coach Brown with the winning team. Coach Brown with the winning team.

The eighth grade girls' basketball team at E. B. Stanley Middle School completed a perfect season, finishing 18-0. Additionally, the team won a tournament earlier in the year at Virginia High School. The team faced their toughest oppositions from Honaker and Virginia Middle School. According to Coach Charlie Brown, game experience and smarts enabled the team to succeed. After the final game against Virginia Middle, a fan complimented the team on their passing game. Coach Brown told the fan of the "secret" to their passing game is that "good passers are a result of unselfish players." Team members are Jill P., Samantha M., Katie N., Amber H., Amy D., Sarina P., Brittney E., Melissa D., Leighann E., Amaris P., Caity M., Haley B., Ruthie M., and Sarah R.

Rebecca W. receives award from DAR member. Rebecca W. receives award from DAR member.

Fourth grader Rebecca W. at Meadowview Elementary recently attended a meeting of the Black's Fort DAR to pick up an award. The award she received was for an essay she had written entitled: Why I Love To Fly The American Flag. As she read her essay to the members and guests, she explained: "when I see the flag blowing gracefully in the wind, I am proud to live in this country." The essay contest is sponsored by the county's DAR society each year and is open to students in grades 4-8.

The 6th grade students in Ms. Wright's class are holding the finished quilt. The 6th grade students in Ms. Wright's class are holding the finished quilt.

In honor of Black History Month, students in Ms. Wright's class at Damascus Middle School created a picture quilt. The quilt displays the faces of famous African American men and women and their contributions and accomplishments to the United States. Students utilized print and electronic resources to compile a report on each person. Students then presented their reports to their classmates. The quilt now hangs in the hallway of Damascus Middle School so all students can learn more about Black History Month. Ms. Vickie Fletcher and Mrs.Gail Gilland assisted the class.

Jason M befriends his black widow Jason M befriends his black widow

Animals of all kinds have invaded Ms. Webb's seventh grade life science room. Students have made models of various animals to supplement their study of the animal kingdom. Models of a panther, spiders, pot-bellied pigs, cows, deer, dogs, cats, a moose, a hedgehog, a porcupine, snakes, fish, a bear, a bull, and several penguins (as well as some undefined animals) were created using cloth material, clay, toothpicks, copper wiring, sticks, logs, balloons, doggie treats (go figure!), wire, styrofoam, soda bottles, cups, and other materials. The animals were displayed in the library and have now have occupied the life science classroom. They will also be displayed in the art museum at the GATE production of the play "The Apple." The next invasion will be by nonsense animals which the students are creating.

Abingdon High School Scholastic Bowl Team advances to state competition. Abingdon High School Scholastic Bowl Team advances to state competition.

Question . . . "Who are the current 2005 Highlands District champs and Region IV Runners-up?" The Abingdon High School Scholastic Bowl Team will compete in the State Tournament at William & Mary on February 26. From left to right are Elisa M., Clay M., Spencer L., John G., Neal S., and Allie L. This is the first time the Scholastic Bowl team has advanced to state in several years. Todd Necessary, English teacher at Abingdon High School, is the coach.

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