Three girls hold letters. Ellie M., Ashley L., and Jadelyn L., receive their Varsity Letters in Reading.

Students read for many different reasons, for entertainment, to be introduced to new places and people, to expand their imaginations, or to be inspired. At WMS there is another reason students are motivated to read. They are rewarded for their love of reading through the Varsity Letter in Reading Program, which was designed to promote reading and rigor in the subject areas. In order to earn the varsity letter, students must meet certain requirements, including reading ten novels and completing a project from a list of assignments that incorporate the 21st century learning skills for each novel. Participation in the program at WMS has increased each year, and this year a total of 180 students earned a Varsity Letter. Congratulations to all students who earned this prestigious award!

Man stands with students. Mr. Gamel shares artifacts with second-grade students.

Second graders at Watauga Elementary welcomed a guest speaker, Ramzy Gamel, to discuss Ancient Egypt. Mr. Gamel has a daughter in second-grade at Watauga. He was born and raised in Egypt, where he learned English in elementary school. During his education from elementary school through the university level, he studied five languages, including his native Arabic, English, French, German, and Italian. The presentation included many Egyptian items (such as Egyptian money) and models (such as pyramids and mummies). He told facts and stories about Egypt. At the end, he answered questions, and the students were allowed to get an up-close look at his Egyptian items. It was exciting for the students to see a personal side of the information in their history books! We really appreciate Mr. Gamel for sharing with our classes.

Students sit around a table. High Point Elementary School First Graders enjoy a ride at Hands On Museum.

On Friday, May 30, 2014, first grade students from High Point Elementary visited Hands On Museum in Johnson City, Tennessee. The featured exhibit for the month of May was called “Spin” and allowed the students to participate in many activities that featured the science of rotation. For some parts of the exhibit, students manipulated objects to see how they moved, and for other parts, they themselves got to be spun around and around! One of the most popular areas was where students sat in a chair and were spun around to get the feeling of what a figure skater feels when they are spinning on the ice. Students also visited a science lab where they learned about the five senses, worked and shopped in a grocery store, were bank tellers, climbed a tree house, flew a plane, searched through a coal mine, walked through a giant boat filled with animals, and experimented with musical instruments. The students had a great time being scientists for the day!

A female student smiles for the camera. Faith H. is a published poet.

Congratulations to Faith H., a seventh grader at Glade Spring Middle School. After studying poetry in her seventh grade English class, Faith and her classmates composed several poems. Faith entered one of her poems entitled "Salutation" into an online Creative Communications poetry contest at She won the contest and her poem will be published in a book called A Celebration of Poets which will be released in September. Her poem will also move on to a final competition. Faith's English teacher is Mrs. Meghan Tolliver. GSMS is proud of Faith’s accomplishment.

A lady in pink holds a plaque. Bernice Hall proudly displays her 42 years of service plaque.

Bernice Hall has been a very familiar face in the Wallace Middle School family for many years. Her smiling face is the first thing that many students have the pleasure of seeing each morning and the last thing they see in the afternoon. Mr. Tom Williams, the Manager of Transportation for the Washington County Virginia Schools, recently presented Ms. Hall a plaque in recognition of her 42 years of service with the county. Ms. Hall drove a head start bus for two years before beginning to drive for Wallace forty years ago. Thank you for your dedication to the children in Washington County Virginia, and congratulations on your 42 years of service!

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