School Board Members

If you have concerns, please first contact the school administration office at 739-3000 and your call will be routed accordingly.

A-01 "Harrison" District

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Lowe 324 Sunset Drive Abingdon, Virginia 24210 Phone: (276) 628-4291

B-01 "Jefferson" District

Mr. Danny Ruble 19144 Moulin Street Abingdon, Virginia 24210 Phone: (276) 698-6140

C-01 "Madison" District

Dr. Douglas E. Arnold (Vice-Chair) 19256 Spoon Gap Road Abingdon, Virginia 24211 Phone: (276) 628-6603

D-01 "Monroe" District

Mr. Dayton Owens 10035 Old Mill Road Glade Spring, Virginia 24340 Phone: (276) 429-5170

E-01 "Taylor" District

Mr. Tom Musick (Chair) 20473 Larkspur Lane Damascus, Virginia 24236 Phone: (276) 475-5303

F-01 "Tyler" District

Mr. Billy W. Brooks 5454 Brooks Way Bristol, Virginia 24202 Phone: (276) 669-2419

G-01 "Wilson" District

Mr. Terry D. Fleenor 16104 Wyndale Road Abingdon, Virginia 24210 Phone: (276) 628-5085

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