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Art and Music Links
Famous Artists Famous Artists: Chronology (Timeline)
American Museum of Photography Art Deadlines Art Museum of San Francisco
Art on the Net
Carlos' Coloring Book Chinese Art
Colonial art Web quest Contemporary Chinese art Egyptian Art
Heiroglyphics Images-Photography Metropolitan Museum of Art
Smithsonian American Art Smithsonian Institute Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

K-12 Music Education

B.B. King: The King of the Blues
B.B. King: The Official Website

B.B. King Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
Benny Goodman Official Website
Benny Goodman - Just the Swing
Bessie Smith Biography (Wickipedia)
Bessie Smith Biography (Spark Notes)
Bessie Smith Biography (Starpulse)
Bessie Smith Biography (Women in History)
Billie Holiday Biography: (Biography Channel)
Children's Music Web Classical Net Classifying Musical Instruments
Count Basie Bio (
Count Basie Biography
Count Basie Biography (Kennedy Center)
Dallas Symphony Orchestra- Kids
Duke Ellington Scrapbook
Duke Ellington Official Website
Duke Ellington (8 Notes bio)
Ella Fitzgerald Official Website
Ella Fitzgerald Bio (Wikipedia)
Ella Fitzgerald Biography
Glenn Miller: Official Website

Glenn Miller Biography (Glenn Miller Orchestra)
Glossary of Musical Terms "I Hear America Singing" History of Instruments: The Orchestra
Evolution of the Instruments

Instrument Encyclopedia
Instrument Classifications Chart
Instruments of the Orchestra

Instrument World - Philharmonic Orchestra
Jazz-Encyclopedia of Big Band Jelly Roll Morton Biography
Jelly Roll Morton
King Oliver VH1
Lionel Hampton: His Life and Legacy
Lionel Hampton Story: 1908-2002
Listening Adventure Louis Armstrong (
Louis Armstrong Tribute
Maruoisa Museum Aerophones
Mariposa Museum Chordophones
Mariposa Museum-Membranophones
Mariposa Museum Idiophones 1
Mariposa Museum-Idiophones 2
Music Education Site

Music Theory: Instruments
Musical Instruments

Music Room: Instruments

Melborne Symphony Orchestra NEA Jazz in Schools -Musician Bios. New York Philharmonic for Kids
PBS Ken Burns Jazz Musician Biographies
PBS Kids Jazz Musician Biographies
Play Music
Ray Charles: The Official Website
Ray Charles Biography (Wickipedia)
Ray Charles Biography (VH 1)
Red Hot Jazz - Musician Biographies San Francisco Symphony Orchestra - Kids
Scott Joplin
Scott Joplin (Ragtime Foundation)
Scott Joplin (short bio)
Scott Joplin Biography (8 Notes)
Scott Joplin Biography (Lonestar)
Symphony Orchestra Instruments

Symphony: An Interactive Guide
Thelonious Monk - Jazz Musician

Virtual Instrument Museum World Instrument Collection
Glossary of Theatre Terms Theatre History Sites

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