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Integrating Technology
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Foreign LanguageClassroom

  Resources and Information

Sample-Technology Integration Lesson Plan -template-(Honaker)                           Thinkfinity-Technology Integration Plan

Bilingual/Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources

Email with FL classes


Edsitement - National Endowment for the Humanities

EduHound ~ French Resources

 Eduhound ~ Latin Resources

Foreign Languages, Federal Resources for Education...

Foreign Language Resources  

Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources

Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes

Language Learning and Technology

Kathy Schrock's FL Sites

Language Resources 

Links to radio and TV in the target language!

McCrel - Lesson plans

Michigan U - Lesson Plans for Foreign Language

Putnam's FL Teaching on the Internet

Resources and Lesson Plans for World Languages

Sites for FL Teachers on

Spanish speaking County and Artists Resource List

Teaching with the Web


Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom

Teach-nology- French lessons

Technology and Second Language Learning (podcsasting)


TPR Stories

University of San Diego - Language Resource Center

Virtual Tour
Museum of World Treasures

VDOE: Foreign Language Page

World Language Lesson Plans


French Connections-lesson  Edsitement

Joan of Arc and the 100 Years’ War –lesson-Edsitement




About the French Language
Free French language lessons and, vocabulary, grammar, dictionary with audio, and an online chat

All Free Dictionaries Project
Dictionaries can be searched online or downloaded

ARTFL Project
University of Chicago. Includes a searchable database of many French texts, Bibles

Amiens: tour this French city through photos and tidbits on some of the important parts of the city.



Avignon et Provence: tourism, businesses, exhibits, events, and festivals for this beautiful area

Archives of books, literature, arts, science, and more.

Atout Micro
French computer magazine online.

Babilnet Live French Courses
Online videoconferencing -French

The BBC Languages Site
Online offerings include introductory lessons and language guides, useful/common phrases, vocabulary, interactive activities and games, and industry-specific terms and phrases.

Beginning French Lessons from LSF
Set of 13 lessons from that cover beginning French basics like dates, times, colors, the alphabet, the body, and more.
Includes online activities, links to French media

Bateaux Parisiens

Choose from many of your favorite monuments a send an electronic message to a friend.


Creating French Treasures

Index of French-speaking sites for various subjects

Interactive verb conjugation quizzes for Spanish, French, and Latin.

Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia
Separate collections for a dozen languages, including English, French, and Latin

DOM TOM FR.Com tourist information for French speaking port cities around the world.

Ectaco Online Dictionaries
Free online searchable dictionaries - English to/from 19 languages.

eLearning Board
 Languages section includes links to lessons, dictionaries, and other resources.

France Tourist Office Site

Francais Interactif

French Links

French Language Guide
Articles and explanations of French grammar and usage (in English). Includes the alphabet, basic vocabulary, common verb conjugation, pronunciation, history of the French language

Free French/English Translation
A free service to translate short text from English to French or French to English. All translations are done by volunteer translators, not by computer programs.

Fast and Friendly French for Fun
Nine free online beginning French lessons. Includes alphabet and pronunciation, numbers, verbs, and more.

French Page
French games and readers.

French Ministry of Culture

French Verb Conjugation
from the ARTFL Project. Conjugation of French verbs into most tenses.


Ferney-Voltaire learn about this beautiful French city in the Alps.


France Pas à Pas on this tour see France at random or choose a specific region to visit. Includes practical information and tips for travelers

French-English Dictionary
Searchable French to English dictionary

Introduction to French grammar and phrases. Includes common phrases, pronunciation, the alphabet, numbers, months, and lots of vocabulary

Publishes a free monthly e-mail newsletter with short articles in French

More than 30 free online word translating dictionaries for various language pairs, and a crossword puzzle helper
Goethe Multilingual Exercises
100 free online vocabulary tests to/from 10 different languages


Hapax: French Resources on the Web
Includes index of literature and French language related resources, such as dictionaries and lessons.

Language Arena
Free online forums for discussing grammar, vocabulary, or just chatting in French

Guide des Vacances et de l'Hébergement en France Find everything from campsites to apartments to rent.


Language Learning Podcasts
Index of podcasts
Shows pictures of common objects in a variety of categories (food, pets, parts of the body, etc.); point to a picture and audio says the word in a language

Language Crosswords
Free online crossword puzzles to practice a foreign language

LesCapetiens-Les Croisades

Le Conjugueur
Free French verb conjugator and other online tools. Site is in French.

Le Gîte if you are interested in a vacation in the alps, this site has all the information you need on this location in the Vercors region


Clickable maps

Learn French by Podcast
Free downloadable podcasts (MP3 files)

Le Point du FLE
Large collection of links to Web sites/pages which deal with French grammar, vocabulary, activities, and French culture

 Online French Mini-Quizzes from CLE
Collection of short reading comprehension and French culture quizzes

French provinces


On-Line French Texts
from the University of Virginia Library. Also links to other French sites.


Paris a French multimedia tour

 Virtual Tour           Le Louvre - Paris

Paris Monuments


Free online educational games and activities

Radio Canada International
Listen to RCI's daily radio broadcasts online in English, French, Spanish

Resources for Learning French
Long review of many resources available to help individuals learn and retain French. Reviews of books, videos, software, translation tools, etc.

Single-Serving Language Guides
Free printable pocket-sized phrasebooks and language guides
Site Officiel de la ville d'Uzès view a city map and links to information The Old French Language Page
Some history of the French language

Super French Web Sites
Collection of links to other Web sites dealing with the French language and France

Super Language Web Sites
Large collection of links

TV5 Langue français
French TV station's site about the French language

Tex's French Grammar

Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links

Web French lessons

Free online lessons which introduce pronunciation, grammar, basic phrases, verbs, and idioms.

UniLang Free Language Courses
Free online language lessons -grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation

Verbix Online Conjugator
Online verb conjugation for more than 100 languages

English and French language resources

Vocabulary Training Exercises
Free online vocabulary training exercises Online Dictionaries
Free online searchable English to/from Spanish, French, and Italian dictionaries


Ancient Greece In All of Us


Gods and Heroes-lesson







TEXTKIT - Greek and Latin Learning Tools
Complete, free downloadable PDF versions of out-of-copyright and user-contributed Latin and Ancient Greek grammar and language books, readers, classical books (Ancient Greek and Latin authors), and essays, for people studying Latin or Ancient Greek. Site also has forums for people learning/studying Latin and Greek to discuss related topics.

Latin Materials grammar, reading, vocabulary, dictionaries

Labyrinth Library                 Latin Text: - Latin Library-English translation option. (Tons of Links)

The Perseus Projects: Latin and English translation

LINKS: Dictionaries, grammars, texts, exercises on line

Words, by William Whitaker Dictionary and grammar aid from Notre Dame

About Latin
Guide to Websites related to Latin, including dictionaries, grammar, pronunciation, literature, and more.

All Free Dictionaries Project
Online project to build
free translating dictionaries  

Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia
SGML-encoded texts including the Oxford English Dictionary, Old, Middle, and Modern English works, and some Shakespeare texts.

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets
botanical names (in Latin) and their meaning.

Study Guide to Wheelock Latin
 Online guide to the common Latin textbook.

Latin Dictionary
Formatted by Bill Casselman. Small text Latin/English dictionary

The Council of Remiremont
A Latin text for those learning Latin.

Vademecum in opus Saxonis et alia opera Danica compendium
Middle Age Latin dictionary, in Latin (Latin explaining Middle Latin).

Virtual Tour

Roman Road



Socrates on "Who wants to be a Millionaire." From the Austin American-Statesman

American Classical League


Images from Vergil

National Committee for Latin and Greek

Visit ancient Corinth through the Web

Super Language Web Sites
Large collection of links to Web sites

Virtual Tour

Vatican Museums






Allen and Greenough's

Latin grammar

Latin Grammar Aid and Wordlist
Notre Dame
Latin Culture home page links to text, culture, grammar and teaching tools


Interactive verb conjugation quizzes

Greek Grammar on the Web

Greek 'N Stuff
Learn the Greek alphabet and some Greek and Latin words.





Diagnostic Test

Genevieve's words of the month

Exam review sentences

Exam review adjectives and Eng to Latin

Verb Identifications- present, imperfect and future

Definition: Cases

Declensions: First, Second (M) and Second (N)

Declensions: Third, all forms

Third declension: common nouns, with genitive singular and gender

Another list of third declension nouns

More third declension nouns

Declensions: Fourth (M) and Fifth (F)

The locative case and explanations of place to/from which

Principal parts of common Latin verbs, by conjugation

More principal parts

Dative verbs (take direct object in dative case)

 Present tense, all conjugations

 Imperfect tense, all conjugations

 Future tense, all conjugations

 Perfect, pluperfect and future perfect

Imperfect tense, all conjugations

Future tense, all conjugations

  Perfect, pluperfect and future perfect (all conjugations)

Personal (ego, tu, nos, vos)

Personal pronouns vs. adjectives

Demonstratives (hic and ille)


Formation of First and second declension adjectives: agreement

Formation of third declension adjectives

Present active and passive (all conjugations)

 is, ea, id (He, she, it)

 idem, eadem, idem (the same)

Formation of comparative and superlative adjectives.

 Interrogative adjectives (Which boys?....what sign?)

Imperfect active and passive (all conjugations)

Present, Imperfect and Future Indicative, all conjugations

 Intensive pronouns (ipse, ipsa, ipsum)

 Principal parts for common deponent verbs




 volo, nolo and malo

 Interrogatives (quis and quid)

Third Declension Nouns: give genitive singular, gender and meaning

First and second declension, present tense

Fill in endings, first and second declension.

Four week quiz for CL110 (Queensland) Verbs, adj/nouns

Nouns, singular and plural. First and second declension.

More singular to plural- nouns and verbs

Third declension nouns and personal pronouns

Fourth declension nouns and verbs in the imperfect tense

More fourth declension nouns, imperfect verbs and adjective-noun agreement

Present Tense, translation of active and passive

Present tense, conjugation and recognition.

Present Tense: form in Latin

Comparative and Superlative adjectives: recognition and formation.

Comparative and Superlative sentences- translation quiz

Adjective/Noun Agreement: 1st and 2nd declension adjectives

Adjective/noun Agreement: 1st and 2nd Declension adjectives

Lingua Latina a program you can download

Early Indo-European Languages Online
Set of online lessons to teach or reinforce reading comprehension and basic translation





Dance in the Spanish Classroom-lesson-ArtsEdge

Language Bank-lesson-Edsitement

Artists of Mexican Revolution



Large collection of links to online vocabulary, grammar, and listening exercises
Online searchable English dictionary with multilingual search capability

All Free Dictionaries Project
Online project to build free translating


Assunta Montes de Oca de Marshall
The home page for a Spanish class,.

Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student
Extensive beginning Spanish lessons. Includes pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and verb conjugation (regular and irregular).

The BBC Languages Site
Extensive online Spanish, Italian, German, and French lessons and language guides.
Free online beginning Spanish lessons

Day of the Dead

Downloadable Spanish verb conjugation program.

Interactive verb conjugation quizzes for Spanish, French, and Latin.

Day of the Dead 2

Eduole Ejercicios Plus
More than 50 1-page worksheets for practicing and quizzing

El Mundo
Web site of the Spanish (Spain) newspaper El Mundo.

El Tiempo
Spanish online daily newspaper

EspanOle! Espanol

El Tiempo: Spanish Flash Cards

El Pais Digital
Spanish (Spain) newspaper online.

eLearning Board
Growing collection of links to educational materials.

English for Spanish-Speaking People
Lots of vocabulary and grammar examples in English and Spanish, organized by topic  

Espana Hoy: Noticias
Weekly news from Spain(in Spanish).

Glosario de Internet
Spanish dictionary of Internet terms

Famous Hispanic Americans

More Famous Latino Biographies

Key Hispanic Americans

Goethe Multilingual Exercises
100 free online vocabulary tests

Language Arena
Free online forums for discussing grammar, vocabulary, or just chatting

Hispanic Culture Review
from George Mason University. Journal of literature, some available on-line.

Instituto de Verbología Hispánica
Links to 2 good sources of information about Spanish verb conjugation.

La Navidad

Free online translation dictionary
Learn Spanish
Web site provides a collection of free introductory multimedia Spanish lessons and quizzes

Language Crosswords
Free online crossword puzzles

Language Learning Podcasts
Index of podcasts

Le Vieux Coq
A growing collection of Spanish slang and idiomatic expressions.

Learn Spanish
 Index of many links for English speakers who want to learn Spanish

Learn Spanish
Free series of online Spanish lessons for beginners. Introduces vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, and pronunciation

Más arriba
Online workbook of Spanish language exercises to help practice your Spanish

Literatura Argentina Contemporánea
Online literature (stories, poetry, and more) by Argentinian authors.

Polyglot Place
Organized collection of links for students studying languages, mostly focusing on French and Spanish.

My Spanish Picture Dictionary
Browsable picture dictionary with 300 English words and their Spanish translations.

Online Spanish Course
Free online Spanish lessons with quizzes/exercises to help you learn Spanish. Online chat and forums for communicating with other students.

Señora Parry's Spanish Class
Students can download homework assignments and view vocabulary lists for different classes. Includes list of fun and useful Spanish language and culture sites.

Make your own Spanish Comics!

Sitio Gaucho
Web site primarily about Argentina, but includes a half-dozen classical Argentinian texts

Spanish Courses on the Internet
A list of Web sites with free online Spanish lessons.

Spanish Kit Learning Tools
Free online resources for learning Spanish.

Spanish Language Guide
Articles and explanations of Spanish grammar

Spanish for the Virtual Student


Spanish Lessons Homepage
Three introductory Spanish lessons with audio

Spanish Poetry
Online collection of Spanish poetry. Site is in Spanish.

Spanish Software Digest
Index of Spanish-related software, including education, word processing, etc.

Spanish-English Internet Dictionary for Beginners
Large text-only Spanish/English dictionary
Searchable English to/from Spanish dictionary, with audio samples of thousands of words.

Speak Any Language
Free online community site for learning languages

Super Language Web Sites
Large collection of links to Web sites

Index of resources for teachers and learners of Spanish
Free online word games, quizzes in more than a dozen different languages.

La Vanguardia Digital
Online Spanish newspaper.

Verbix Online Conjugator
Online verb conjugation for more than 100 languages

Vocabulary Training Exercises
Free online vocabulary training exercises

About a dozen free Acrobat PDF documents for Spanish

VOX Dictionaries
Online searchable Spanish dictionary (words and definitions in Spanish) and Spanish-English translating dictionary.

Online program conjugates Spanish verbs in all tenses (in Spanish). Site is also in Spanish.

Lots of Spanish-learning resources, including links to Spanish lessons online, Spanish-learning shareware, Spanish verb tips and info, and the Spanish alphabet and pronunciation Online Dictionaries
Free online searchable English to/from Spanish dictionaries.

Virtual Tours of Barcelona, Madrid, and The Road to Santiago



Additional Resources

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