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Maintenance Department

Mr. Patrick Buchanan is Coordinator of the Facilities and Maintenance Department. The Maintenance Department consists of seventeen full-time employees. We have certain maintenance men assigned to specific schools. In addition, we have men assigned specific jobs based on their expertise. Our maintenance men are skilled with a variety of trades such as electricians, masonry, heavy equipment operators, certified locksmith, and plumbing/gas fitting specialist. A number of men have had heating, ventilation and air conditioning training and many years of work experience.

The school system maintains high standards of custodial service and maintenance. The cleanliness and overall appearance of the school buildings play an important role in the educational process.

Contact Info:

  • Patrick BuchananCoordinator of Maintenance - (276) 739-3028
  • Judy Long, Maintenance Secretary/Bookkeeper - (276) 739-3029
  • Warehouse Manager - (276) 739-3070