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Concussion Management

WCS Steps for Concussion Management**:

  1. Identify the potential head injury and remove from play immediately.
  2. Contact your ATC if he/she is not present.
  3. If ATC cannot respond, the athlete must be transported to an Urgent Care or ER, immediately for evaluation by a Licensed Health Care Professional (LHCP).
  4. The injured athlete is NOT to drive him or herself.
  5. The Coach will complete the Head Injury Report and follow the proper channels of reporting within 24 hours of the incident.
  6. LHCP documentation with diagnoses are to be given to the superivising Coach for submission.
  7. A LHCP is required to clear the athlete in writing prior to return or gradual return to play.
  8. The athlete will complete the 5-day Gradual Return 2 Play once the release note is received and the athlete is 100% asymptomatic prior to beginning regular activities.
  9. Upon successful completion of the 5-day Gradual Return to Play, the coaching staff will receive confirmation that all paperwork has been received before the athlete can continue.

**This is an abbreviated outline of the WCS Concussion Policy JJAC.