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Wellness Program Regulations

In recognition of the declining nutritional intake and increasing obesity in children, Congress passed the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act (Public Law 108-265) in June 2004. This nationwide law requires that all school districts that participate in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program develop a Local Wellness Program by the first day of the 2006 school year.

The responsibility for developing a wellness program remains at the local level so that each school district can address their particular school nutrition environment, and make the program changes that would have a positive impact on the individual needs and health of their student population. These changes would include not only the school meal programs but all venues where students have the opportunity to learn or practice healthy eating behaviors.

Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) established a Wellness Program in May 2006. These regulations address cafeteria ala carte and student vending machine food items, nutrition education, physical activity, faculty vending machine food items, fundraising, concession sales, classroom parties and celebrations, and use of food as rewards, re-enforcers or in lesson plans. It also addresses the role of division faculty and school staff in a healthy school environment. Supporting resource materials will be provided on the Intranet to assist in program and regulation implementation.

Thank you to everyone who has provided input. This includes school administrators, principals, teachers, parents, students, nurses, community members, and county representatives. Your interest and support is greatly appreciated! If you are interested in serving on the WCPS Wellness Committee, please contact Dr. Janet Lester at or 276-739-3021. Healthy students and employees attend school regularly and succeed at academic performance and instruction. Let's all help our children and staff to lead healthier lives.