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SOL Testing and English Second Language Information

Washington County Elementary Pacing Guides

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1st Grade L Arts 1st Grade Math 1st Grade Science 1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade L Arts 2nd Grade Math 2nd Grade Science 2nd Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade L Arts
3rd Grade Math
3rd Grade Science 3rd Grade Social Studies
4th Grade L Arts
4th Grade Math
4th Grade Science
4th Grade Virginia Studies
5th Grade L Arts
5th Grade Math
5th Grade Science
5th Grade Social Studies

ESL Lesson Plans -- Grades 1-5

1st Grade pacing Guides

2nd Grade pacing Guides

3rd Grade pacing Guides

4th Grade pacing Guides

5th Grade pacing Guides

Questions and Information Concerning
Assessment and English Second Language
Judy Honaker-Martin
Division Director of Testing
Data Analysis and Titile III Coordinator
Phone: 276.739.3020


SOL Testing
  • See VDOE Desmos Tutorial

SOL Test Training

VA Dept. of Education SOL Testing Information

  • Math Aids--VDOE

Reference Materials

  • Limited English Proficient Guidelines

Special Education

  • Accomodation Guidelines
  • Participation Guidelines
  • Read Aloud Guidelines
  • Special Accommodation Request

SOL Test Blueprints


Standards of Learning Curriculum Framework


Graduation Requirements


Resources --Practice--Information

  • I

Washington County ESL-LEP-ELL Information

Registration Procedures


Screening & Assessment

Screening & Assessment

  • W-APT-WIDA Placement Test

CAN DO Indicators

US Dept of Education and Dept of Justice

VA Computer Technology Standards

ISTE National Technology Standards