School Nutrition Programs FAQ

How do I pay for my child/children's meals?

There are several ways to make a payment on their meal accounts. Go to K12PaymentCenter and set up an online account where you can pay from home. Automatic recurring payments, email notifications on balances and other features are available. All of your children will be on one account. Use credit cards, debit cards or bank account transfers.  You will need your child/children’s student ID number in order to get started this number is different from their bar code number and you may get it from the School Nutrition Specialist in your child/ children’s school.

OR send a check or cash with your child/children to school. Put in an envelope marked with the student’s name and meal account bar code number. Checks must only be for School Nutrition, made out to, School Nutrition, Name of School, with the name of your child and their barcode number in the memo line along with your phone number on the check. Change cannot be given for checks or cash.

All balances at the close of the school year will remain in the child(ren)'s account and be accessible to the student at the beginning of the following year unless you have requested a transfer or a refund. 

TRANSFER REQUEST FORM complete, print, and return to your child’s cafeteria ManagerStudents are encouraged to know their barcode PIN number and urged to not share this number with anyone.

REFUND REQUEST FORM (complete, print, and return to your child’s cafeteria Manager.  All Refund Requests being made for graduating Seniors must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the end of the school year. If a positive balance exists, you should expect to receive a refund check from the School Nutrition Department within four to six weeks) 

Note:  If you are using K12PaymentCenter with auto replenishment, please turn off that feature or disable the account. 


If my child qualifies for Free lunch, how does the account balance become negative?

Parents are responsible for any meal account charges until the application is processed. It is not immediately effective when you turn in the application. You will receive a letter from School Nutrition with the effective date they can get free or reduced lunches. Until then, please send money for their lunch and/or breakfast.


If my child qualifies for Free lunch are they also eligible for Free Breakfast?

Yes, students who have been determined for Free lunch can also receive Free Breakfast.

Can students receive extras if they are still hungry?

All students are able to purchase a second breakfast for $2.00 or lunch for $3.75.  The higher meal price is
because we do not receive Federal and State reimbursements for second meals.  If your child/children’s account is in a negative status all monies bought in will be applied to the account to help clear up the negative balance status.

Will my child/children be refused a meal if they have a negative balance?

No, but students without funds to pay may receive an alternative meal a cheese sandwich and milk.  Any money remaining at the end of the school year will transfer to next year, even if they transfer to another Washington County Public School or you may request a refund or transfer the funds to a sibling.

How will I know when I need to add more money?

Each Evening a phone call is made to families with low and negative balances. School cafeterias also send reminder notices home with students. Balances can be viewed at K12PaymentCenter if you have an account or you may also call the school cafeteria.