Gifted Programs

Elementary School

Each elementary school provides differentiated opportunities within the classroom to match the curriculum with the academic abilities of gifted students. Each school has a gifted program to provide specialized educational opportunities that may include enrichment and acceleration. A common county-wide program is also offered to gifted students across Washington County. Elementary school students are eligible to attend Washington County Summer GATE Camp.

Students participate in pull-out lessons every seven days with the licensed Gifted Education resource teacher. Topics of study include robotics, programming, the political process and elections, and artistic expression. Elementary school students can also participate in the Theater Program produced and directed by Emory & Henry theater students.

Middle School

Programs for middle school age gifted students are based upon differentiated classroom instruction. Acceleration and enrichment are offered as deemed necessary. Gifted education funds pay for fees and other expenses permitting eligible students to participate in the State competitions for band and chorus. Students who qualify may enroll in World Geography, Algebra I & Spanish I for high school credit. Middle school students are eligible to attend the Emory & Henry Summer Scholars program, along with the Washington County Summer GATE Camp.

High School

Through selecting courses for the desired diploma, an individual plan of study is created for high school students. The program for the gifted involves various curricular and non-curricular offerings. These include the A. Linwood Holton Governor’s School, the VDOE Virtual Advanced Placement School, Advanced Placement courses, and Regional and State Band and Chorus opportunities. Dual credit opportunities allow high school students to earn college credit. Additionally, mentorship experiences may be available for qualifying students. Summer Residential Governor’s Schools and Regional Governor’s School opportunities are available to students who apply and are selected.

A. Linwood Holton Governor’s School

The A. Linwood Holton Governor’s School is a year-long school that is said to be a “virtual school.” By virtual, its leaders mean that a student may attend - take the courses that are offered by the A. Linwood Holton Governor’s School online - without a student having to leave the high school where he/she is enrolled. Courses offered by the school are designed to be academically rigorous. Students apply for these courses during the scheduling process that will take place at your child’s school in the late winter (often early February) of the previous year. Courses offered include: Engineering and Computer Science (Advanced Multimedia Applications; Engineering and Robotics I & II; Introduction to Engineering Methods and Computer Programming), English (Methods of Research),  History (Appalachian History; Western Civilization I & II; World Civilization I & II),Life Sciences (Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II), Mathematics (Probability & Statistics I & II; Calculus & Analytical Geometry), Natural Sciences (Astronomy I & II; Principles of Physics I & I). Prerequisites apply. Dual credit may be awarded for courses completed successfully through the A. Linwood Holton Governor’s School. The A. Linwood Holton Governor’s School program is free to all Washington County Virginia Public Schools students who qualify.

Associate Degree in Arts and Sciences or Certificate in General Studies

Washington County Public Schools in conjunction with Virginia Highlands Community College offers to its students the opportunity to earn an associate degree in Arts and Sciences or a one year certificate in General Studies. Washington County students will begin this as a cohort group and follow course sequence. These programs enable students to earn college credits to either graduate with an associate degree through Virginia Highlands Community College as well as an advanced studies or standard diploma or earn a certificate of general studies through their local high school graduation. The associate degree requires a minimum of 63 college credits. Credits must be earned in the areas of English (12); History (12); Social Science (12); Science (8); Mathematics (6); Humanities (3); Speech (3); Health (3); Computer Literacy (3); and Student Development (1).  These courses will be offered and must be taken in sequence. The courses must be taken in addition to the high school courses required for graduation.   Placement tests will apply to all VHCC courses. Cost per credit hour will be determined based on the location of the course. Locations: Washington County Public Schools, Virginia Highlands Community College, Virginia Highlands distance learning, Linwood Holton Governor’s School, SVETN - Southwest Virginia Education and Training Network. Advanced Studies Diploma = 26 high Carnegie units.

Summer Residential Governor’s School

The Summer Residential Governor’s School application process begins in October. Students apply in October - December to attend month long summer programs in Humanities, Math/Science, Vocational, or Visual and Performing Arts. There are also a very limited number of mentorship opportunities available in medicine, marine biology, and space technology. Students who are selected to attend these most prestigious programs will attend free of charge and will consider the experiences in these programs to have been the best experiences of their lives. To apply, a student must be a rising junior or senior, must obtain and complete the forms available from the school’s gifted coordinator or guidance counselor, and must comply with the deadlines and other application conditions. Visual and Performing Arts applicants must complete an application as well as an audition. This program is free to Washington County Virginia Public Schools students who qualify.

Summer Regional Governor’s Schools

Students who attend these programs are usually rising sophomores and rising juniors. The three week programs are free to students and are designed to parallel learning experiences that students will have in college. Application is made in April or May. These programs are free to Washington County Virginia Public Schools students who qualify.

  • University of Virginia Wise: This is a residential program in Theater Arts.
  • Virginia Highlands Community College: This is a non-residential program in Mathematical Modeling or Theater.