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Mental Math Bee at Greendale Elementary 11-03-2014

Nine students who were winners from the Mental Math Bee stand in the hallway holding up their certificates.Poptarts cost $1.89.  If you have $10, how many boxes of Poptarts could you buy?   It takes 12 minutes to get to school and 45 minutes to get ready.  What time do you need to wake up if you must arrive at school by 8:15?    

Fourth grade student from Meadowview Elementary School was "Teacher for a Day." 11-03-2014

Cameron B. stands in front of a Sierpinski triangle, reaching from floor to ceiling on the wall.Cameron B., works quickly on assignments, so in her spare time, while classmates are finishing up, she enjoys learning about new things. Cameron researched the mathematical phenomenon of fractals.

Patrick Henry High School Students Create Quipus and Zampoñas 11-03-2014

A girl and a boy hold  colored strings.The Spanish three students at Patrick Henry High School recently concluded a unit study of the Incan empire.  They read about and discussed the language, food, and history of the Incan culture.  

Watauga Elementary Has Spirit 10-31-2014

Zoe M. shows her bad hair day in front of the art wall.To show our support of Abingdon High School’s Falcons, Watauga Elementary students, faculty, and staff participated in Spirit Week. Spirit Week coincides each year with Abingdon High School's Homecoming Week.

High Point Elementary Students Display Good Citizenship! 10-31-2014

HPES Students Display Good Citizenship!Students at High Point Elementary have been learning about good character the first nine weeks in classroom guidance.  Students have participated in a variety of activities to help enhance their understanding of respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. 

Damascus Middle School Agriscience Class Makes Ice Cream! 10-31-2014

A student eats a bowl of ice cream.Damascus Middle School’s seventh-grade Agriscience exploratory class explored the inside of the Dairy Industry on Thursday, October 9 by following a recipe to make ice cream.  

Patrick Henry High School Ecology Students Recycle T-Shirts 10-30-2014

Six people stand and two people kneel while holding canvas bags.Students in Mrs. Eason’s third period Ecology class at Patrick Henry High School are recycling used T-Shirts to make reusable shopping bags.  

AHS Volleyball Team Hosts Volley for the Cure Event 10-30-2014

A group of adults, men and women, stand on high school gym floor with school's volleyball team.Having been one of the first schools to help establish this event with the VHSL six years ago, Abingdon High School has continued to host Volley for the Cure where they hosted Virginia High School on October 21. 

John S. Battle GATE Students Visit Roanoke for a Day of Science 10-30-2014

Two girls stand at a lab station with boys in the background.On Friday October 10 John S. Battle freshmen and sophomore GATE students visited Roanoke’s Science Festival.  The students toured the Science Museum of Western Virginia where they viewed rock and mineral samples, played video games using only their brain waves and received “instant snow” in a bottle.

The Washington County Adult Skill Center has Skilled Pumpkins 10-29-2014

A table displaying decorated pumpkinsEach of our six programs was charged with the responsibility to decorate a pumpkin according to their class curriculum. This was a fun fall project to test our talents and incorporate the students working together.