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Washington County Career and Technical Education Center | Jobs for Virginia Graduates, (JVG) Leadership Day at SWVA Higher Education Center 11-12-2018

WCCTEC students are sitting around a table for JVG Leadership Day.At the annual JVG Leadership Day, WCCTEC students had the opportunity to strengthen their soft skills as they networked with local businesses, educational institutions, and the armed forces.

Meadowview Elementary School | Farm to School with Pre-K 11-09-2018

Children in a corn field.On October 23, Ms. Dunn the cafeteria manager invited the PreK classes to come in and learn how to shuck corn on the cob.

Washington County Career and Technical Education Center | Student-led Bullying Prevention Assembly 11-07-2018

WCCTEC performers pose for picture on a stage.WCCTEC Student Leaders worked diligently for three weeks to put together a program that would influence the student body, in an effort to stop bullying in our school. These students were given the opportunity to collaborate, share personal stories, and structure PowerPoint presentations that included videos pertaining to bullying in schools and how it impacts a person.

Wallace Middle School | Gifted Group Attends 46th National Storytelling Festival 11-05-2018

A group of students sitting in front of a brick building.On Friday, October 5, students in the gifted program at Wallace Middle spent the day listening to many wonderful storytellers at the National Storytelling Festival held in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

Greendale Elementary School | Third Graders Learn Keyboarding 11-02-2018

A classroom with students and a teacher.Third grade students at Greendale Elementary are enjoying learning how to type on newly acquired Chromebooks.

Valley Institute Elementary School | Fun at Conservation Camp 11-01-2018

Students are watching a demonstratlon.In September, Valley Institute Elementary School’s third graders attended Conservation Camp at Sugar Hollow Park. It was an amazing learning experience for everyone!

Holston High School | Inducts New National Honor Society Members 10-31-2018

Students posing for the group picture.On Friday, September 21, the Holston High School Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted six Seniors and nineteen Juniors into their organization.

Abingdon Elementary School | 4th Grade Visits Abingdon Muster Grounds 10-30-2018

Students sitting outside listening to the guide at the Abingdon Muster Grounds.Abingdon Elementary 4th graders visited the Abingdon Muster Grounds on Friday, September 21st.   Students were able to travel back in time.  They stopped by several interactive stations that helped to explain life during the 1700’s.

Patrick Henry High School | Students Learn Airbag Stoichiometry 10-29-2018

Four students standing by a table doing an experiment.Patrick Henry chemistry students simulated car airbag deployment using bakingsoda and vinegar in Ziploc bags. Mrs. Woosley’s students had to determine the ratio of baking soda to vinegar that would yield the maximum amount of carbon dioxide gas without popping the bag.

Abingdon High School | 2018 Golf Team Wins State! 10-26-2018

A golf team standing with a banner and a trophy.Congratulations to our 2018 Golf Team on back to back State Championships!