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Holston High School | Golf Team Region 1D Champion 10-15-2018

A group of boys posing together smiling.On October 1, 2018 Holston High School won their 2nd straight Region 1D Championships at Cedar Hills Golf Course.

High Point Elementary School | The High Point Hoedown 10-11-2018

A male teacher getting slimed.High Point Elementary School hosted its annual Fall Festival, "The High Point Hoedown" on September 28th. The evening was bustin' at the seams with games and activities. Students and their families could do some "weerd cience" experiments with Mr. Davidson, they could go "strutin' for sweets" at the cake walk, and if that wasn't enough they could spend their tickets playing bingo, throwing some pies, or fishing for prizes down at the waterin' hole!

Greendale Elementary School | Greendale's Little Free Library 10-09-2018

Small library on a post in a garden.Greendale Elementary is now home to a Little Free Library. Our Little Free Library is one of 75,000 officially chartered Little Free Libraries in the world.

Holston High School | PE Students Learn About Tennis 10-08-2018

Students playing tennis during gym.On April 12th, 2018 Mr. Jason Southworth asked the USTA/Net Generation to visit Washington County Public Schools and do a workshop for all physical education teachers.

Abingdon Elementary School | Conservation Camp 10-04-2018

A group of students standing around a table of sand.On September 6, 2018, Abingdon Elementary third graders attended Conservation Camp at Sugar Hollow Park.

High Point Elementary School | Karate in Kindergarten 10-04-2018

A group of kids doing karate.High Point Kindergarteners have been working hard learning letters and beginning sounds in ABC Bootcamp.

2018 Goals and Accomplishments 10-02-2018


  • All schools will maintain full accreditation by the Virginia Department of Education while continuing to meet the needs of all students.
  • One hundred percent of Washington County Schools students will earn a diploma following the completion of an appropriate program of study.
Wallace Middle School | Seventh Graders Visit Career Expo 10-02-2018

A lady is speaking to a group of students about CPR.On September 25, seventh grade students from Wallace Middle School attended the Career Expo with United Way at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Students were able to visit with several different employers throughout the region focusing on the 16 Career Clusters.


The Washington County SPECIAL EDUCATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE meets four times a year.  Meetings are open to the public.  The advisory committee solicits viewpoints and suggestions from parents of students with disabilities and other interested persons for consideration.  A meeting will be held on Tuesday October 2, 2018 at 9:30 a.m.  The meeting will be held in the top floor conference room at the Annex building.

Holston High School | HHS French Class Meditates In French 09-24-2018

Students sitting on yoga mats.Learning a foreign language can have it's challenges, but incorporating every day activities make it easier to not only learn but also retain!