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Washington County Public Schools Mathematics Textbook Adoption 03-05-2018

Washington County Schools are reviewing textbooks for possible adoption for Mathematics in grades K-12.

Washington County Public Schools Announces Kindergarten Registration 03-05-2018

Kindergarten Registration will be held at all seven elementary schools in Washington County, Virginia on Thursday, March 22, 2018 from 12:00-6:00 pm.  Children who will be 5 years of age by September 30, 2018

Identifying Disabled Children 03-02-2018

The Washington County Public School System provides a Free and Appropriate Public Education for all identified eligible disabled students, ages 2 to 21, residing within Washington County.  Please see .

Holston High School's Hayden L. is a Wrestling Legend 03-02-2018

A female wrestler holds a medallion.Hayden L., a senior at Holston High School, has impressed everyone in the region and the state with her solid performances over the last few years. She has built a legendary career in her time as a Holston wrestler and she has earned the awards to prove it.

Abingdon High School's Varsity Girls Basketball Team to play in State Quarterfinals 03-02-2018

A girls basketball team posing together.Abingdon High School's Varsity Girls Basketball Team will play in the State Quarterfinals against Brookville on Friday, March 2nd at 6:00pm at Virginia High School.

Abingdon Elementary School 03-01-2018

Two boys bowling in a classroom.Kindergarten Students at Abingdon Elementary teamed up for a morning of bowling in the classroom to learn about subtraction. Each student got to take a turn knocking down their pins and then write a subtraction sentence according to their bowl.

Watauga Elementary School Appreciates the School Board 02-28-2018

Students present a man with a gift.Watauga Elementary celebrated School Board Appreciation this month by honoring our own School Board member, Dr. Doug Arnold. Watauga Elementary appreciates all that Dr. Arnold does to help make our school successful.

Greendale Elementary School Wraps Its Halls With Love 02-27-2018

A group of students sitting against a wall in a school hallway with decorated boxes in front of them.The students at Greendale Elementary have been very busy this month giving back to their community.  As part of a Service Learning Project, the GATE students led the student body in collecting donations of dental supplies for the Ronald McDonald House in Johnson City, Tennessee.

WCCTEC's CISCO Networking Class Attends Commonwealth CyberFusion 02-26-2018

Ten students stand under a quote from General Marshall.Ten WCCTEC CISCO Networking students received access to the invitation-only 2018 Commonwealth CyberFusion event at Virginia Military Institute on 24 February. Focusing on the demands of securing our Nation's future in cyberspace and defining the growing threat to commercial and government networks, WCCTEC students were exposed to some of the greatest minds in the industry.

Pythagorean Turkeys at Wallace Middle School 02-23-2018

Two female students are making turkeys in math class.Students at Wallace Middle School show off their mathematical skills to create Pythagorean turkeys.  Each student completed a set of feathers, each containing a math problem requiring use of the Pythagorean Theorem for right triangles.