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Pythagorean Turkeys at Wallace Middle School 02-23-2018

Two female students are making turkeys in math class.Students at Wallace Middle School show off their mathematical skills to create Pythagorean turkeys.  Each student completed a set of feathers, each containing a math problem requiring use of the Pythagorean Theorem for right triangles.

Patrick Henry High School Swimmers Take a Tour Through the Qin Dynasty 02-23-2018

Fourteen students standing outside a museum.The Patrick Henry swim team competed in the 1A/2A combined state meet in Richmond recently. While in Richmond, the team toured the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts including the
Terracotta Warriors exhibit.

Rhea Valley Elementary Students Present Benjamin Franklin Play 02-23-2018

Two students on a stage acting in a play.On February 8, 2018, Mrs. Cathy Hutton’s fifth grade Intervention/Enrichment students presented the play, Ben Franklin: Philosopher, Inventor, Community Activist.  While producing the play, students learned how to manage props, curtains, and sound effects, as well as how to create their own costumes.

Holston High School's Rachel S. Echoes Martin Luther King’s Dream 02-21-2018

A female student stands in front of a mural.Rachel S., a sophomore at Holston High School, was honored in January for her essay reflecting the ideals in Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  Rachel composed an essay for Ms. Nairn’s English Class wherein she described how King’s dream is still alive and inspires young people to this day.

Books A Million Book Drive Benefits Greendale Elementary School 02-20-2018

Greendale students holding banner of thanks for BAM. Greendale Elementary was the beneficiary of the Bristol Books A Million (BAM) winter book drive.

High Point Elementary School Preschool Students Love to Act Out! 02-19-2018

Students acting in a play.Watch out Barter! Here comes the High Point Preschool Players!  After reading the book entitled The Three Little Kittens, preschool students chose parts, set up props, slipped on some mittens, and wore some whiskers as they acted out their own rendition of The Three Little Kittens.

Third Grade Math at Valley Institute Elementary is SWEET! 02-16-2018

Students measuring using candy hearts.Valley Institute 3rd graders celebrated sweet success on Valentines Day. Each student was provided a box of candy hearts.

Washington County Public Schools Students Take ASVAB 02-14-2018

Several teen students sitting in desks.Twenty-five motivated Washington County students sat for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Test on Friday, February 9th.  This marks the sixteenth consecutive year that the CTE Center has offered the ASVAB to all the county’s 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.

High Point Elementary School Fifth Graders Experiment with the Rock Cycle 02-09-2018

Students dressed as rock stars.High Point fifth graders are learning a lot about the rock cycle. Students are creating diagrams of the rock cycle, classifying different types of rocks, and learning how different rock transformations occur.

Greendale Elementary School 2nd Graders Gain Map Skills with Salt Dough Maps 02-08-2018

2 boys painting salt dough maps.Greendale Elementary second graders have been developing map skills by learning about the seven continents and five oceans.  What better way to learn than by having a hands-on lesson and making their very own salt dough map of the world!