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High Point Third Graders are designers 03-08-2017

3 students sittings at a table.Third grade students in Mrs. Miller’s and Mrs. Ratliff’s math classes have been learning about area and perimeter. Students were able to demonstrate their knowledge of these skills with an interactive and hands on approach.

GSMS Students Selected for All-State Choir 03-07-2017

A man standing and 2 girls sitting at piano.Two Glade Spring Middle School students have been selected to sing in the Middle School All-State Choir.

Students at Watauga Elementary Library are enjoying STEM based Maker 03-03-2017

A group of students sitting at a table.Students at Watauga Elementary School Library are enjoying STEM based maker stations as part of their library class time.  Students are building chairs for Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears at the fairy tale problem solving station.

Patrick Henry High School Ecology Students Study Air Pollution 03-02-2017

Three boys hold two bottles together.Students in Ms. Eason's Ecology class have been studying air pollution.  As part of their unit, they researched past air pollution disasters and inversion layers.

Greasers vs. Socs at Wallace Middle School 03-01-2017

Many students are wearing leather, plaid, denim, and khakis.Eighth graders at Wallace Middle School in Ms. Blevins and Mrs. Mutter’s English classes recently read the timeless novel, The Outsiders.  After reading the novel, the two classes chose to dress up as either a Soc or a Greaser.

The Soup's On at Abingdon Elementary 02-28-2017

A group of student in line for food.The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo was the inspiration for a soup tasting event for Mrs. Campbell’s and Mrs. Smiley’s 5 th grade Language Arts students.

High Point Kindergarten Celebrates 100 Days of School 02-24-2017

A group students in costumes.High Point Elementary kindergarten students were extremely excited to come to school on the 100th day of school.  They were so excited they aged more than 90 years overnight!  Students came dressed as if they were 100 years old.

Holston’s Hayden L. Takes 5th at State Wrestling Tournament 02-22-2017

Wrestlers standing on a podium.Junior Hayden L., a third year wrestler at Holston High School, acquitted herself well at the State Wrestling Finals in Salem, Virginia.  Hayden, who wrestles in the 105 lb. weight class, fought her way to a 5th place finish. With an impressive 35-17 record for the year, her statistics served notice that she was a force to be taken seriously.

High Point Second Grade Students Make Native American Housing Projects 02-21-2017

A second grade student presents her Powhatan longhouse made from tree bark and mosses.

High Point Elementary’s second graders demonstrated their knowledge of Native American Housing with handmade projects of tee pees, pueblos, and longhouses. Students created and presented replicas of the homes the Powhatan, Pueblo, and Lakota tribes would have lived in.

V.I.E.S. Third Graders "Love" Math 02-20-2017

Students holding candy hearts.Valley Institute 3rd graders learned how much they LOVED math!  Students celebrated the Valentine holiday with candy hearts math activities.