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Marsh Bloodmobile Visits Holston High School 11-01-2016

Three female students stand at the back of a bloodmobile.The Anatomy and Physiology Classes at Holston High School recently stepped forward to complete a major community service project.  On September 26, 2016 the class members invited the Marsh Bloodmobile to set up at HHS.  Everyone over 17 was eligible to donate blood for use in Washington County and the surrounding area.  The drive was successful, as 36 people signed up to donate and 24 units were secured by the Bloodmobile staff.

Damascus Middle School 8th Graders Create Giant Periodic Table 10-27-2016

A giant periodic table of elements hangs on a library wall.Science students in Mrs. Holmes’s class recently had an opportunity to expand their knowledge of the periodic table by creating Pizza Box Elements.  Students created the face of the table with the element name, symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, and etymology.

HHS Chorus Holds Annual Fall Dinner 10-26-2016

A group of high school chorus members sing for the crowd.On Tuesday, October 18, the Holston High School Chorus held its annual dinner and cakewalk.  Although the dinner served as a fundraiser, its greater purpose was to get the chorus members' families and friends together to show support and encouragement for the singers.  It also gave the members a chance to show off some of the songs they had learned.

2016-2017 Family Life Education Videos Public Review 10-25-2016

Family Life Education videos to be used during the 2016-2017 school year will be available for public review on Thursday, November 3 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. in Abingdon High School Library.

High Point Elementary Preschool Classes Experiment! 10-25-2016

Preschool students experiment.The preschool classes at HPES have been busy making learning stick!  The students literally performed an experiment to mix shaving cream and glue to test their five senses.

AES Kindergarteners Learn About Community Helpers 10-24-2016

Community Helpers.Abingdon Elementary School Kindergarteners have been learning about community helpers.  We’ve talked about jobs and the tools each job requires.  We thought about what we want to be when we grow up and talked with our families and classmates about our choice.

Service Learning Day at GSMS 10-21-2016

285 students and teachers standing wearing blue t-shirts.Students at Glade Spring Middle School left their classrooms Friday and spent the day learning about and providing service to their community. The annual event, now in its seventh year involved 285 students, teachers, sponsors, and volunteers.

Meadowview Girl Scout Troop 332 helps Belize 10-20-2016

Girl Scout Troop 332 from Meadowview, VA collected dolls for their 2016 service project.  The dolls will be going to Belize to an organization called the Heart House.  The dolls will be sent along with other toys by Kingsway Baptist Church and their mission group located in Bristol, VA.  The mission goes to Belize the week after Thanksgiving to read and pray with the children and families that are a part of the Heart House.  The parents will be able to purchase items for a very small fee for their children’s Christmas Gifts.

Watauga Knows Who Eats Whom 10-19-2016

Food chain project by a WES third grader.Third grade students at Watauga Elementary School have spent the first nine weeks of school studying life systems and habitats. As part of that study, they learned about food chains. How many of you know what a producer, consumer, and decomposer are?

High Point Fifth Graders Know Even, Odd, Prime, or Composite Numbers 10-18-2016

HPES Fifth Grade Students Display their Work on Numbers.Fifth grade students at High Point Elementary School have been learning a lot in math. Students thought they knew everything about even and odd numbers-until they started experimenting to find out what happens when you add even and odd numbers together in different combinations.