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Grand Champion at Meadowview Elementary 09-13-2017

A girl and a man stand holding an award with a brown hog standing beside them.Carrie won Grand Champion Market Hog at the fair with her pig Peek-A-Boo! She's worked really hard all summer feeding & training him. Her trademark training tool was marshmallows. I've attached a picture of Carrie & Peek-A-Boo with judge, Jason Pratt.

Greendale Elementary School: Building Friendship Towers 09-11-2017

Students standing behind a card tower.Third graders at Greendale Elementary started the year off right!  As a part of learning procedures and routines during the first few days of school, students discussed what makes a good friend.

Ohio Technical College Visits WCCTEC 09-08-2017

Students sitting in an auditorium during a presentation.

On Tuesday, 24 August, Mr. John Mallon with Ohio Technical College visited with Auto Collision Repair, Automotive Technology, and Welding students at the Washington County Career and Technical Education Center (WCCTEC).

High Point Elementary "Can" Do It! 09-08-2017

A painted can with eyes. I can. You can. Everybody can! This humble can is painted blue and dotted with wiggle-eyes. Now, this might seem strange, but it serves as a motivator for second grade students at High Point Elementary School. Mrs. Shumate calls it her "eye can."

Patrick Henry High School "Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic, and Rehearsing" 09-06-2017

Two students sitting on a stage and look at each other.  Juniors Madison T. and Erika P. create characters for speech fundamentals class.  Throughout the semester, students will develop characters defining their characteristics through movement, speech, and interactions with other characters.

John S. Battle High School Socratic Soccer 09-01-2017

Students in a circle kicking a ball.Students in Mrs. Davenport's English 10 Honors class tried a different approach to a Socratic seminar on the novel Animal Farm. The students kicked around a "Socratic Soccer Ball" that features questions on each of the white spaces of the ball.

Holston’s Munsey Receives Coveted Award 08-31-2017

Two female educators stand with an award.

Once again, Holston Business Teacher, Joy Munsey, has been recognized for her dynamic teaching and innovation.  Ms. Munsey has been named as the Virginia Credit Union’s Teacher of the Quarter.  It is an award that is designated for K-12 teachers in Virginia who teach Economics and Personal Finance.

HPES "Kid Sized" Solar Eclipse 08-30-2017

First Graders pose on lawn during an eclipse.High Point Elementary School first graders recreated the eclipse with their bodies!  Each classroom dressed in colors to represent either the sun, moon, or earth (land and water).  Our beloved art teacher, Mr. Cregger, photographed our "eclipse" from the school's rooftop.

Patrick Henry Students Experience Total Solar Eclipse at Clemson University 08-29-2017

Eleven boys and girls lay on the grass in a circle wearing eclipse glasses.For many people, a total solar eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so students at Patrick Henry High School jumped at the opportunity to travel to Clemson University, which was in the path of totality.

Damascus Middle School Civics Students Take a Personal Look at Citizenship 08-28-2017

A girl talking to a group of students.Students in Mrs. Wendy Cole’s seventh-grade Civics class at Damascus Middle School recently learned the 14th Amendment and the two ways of obtaining citizenship in the United States of America.  Because they were born in the United States, the students understood the concept that a person born in the United States is a citizen.