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HPES "Mr. Lincoln, I've Been Thinking !" 05-11-2015

First Graders Stand with Log Cabins.​The First Grade students of High Point Elementary have been thinking a lot about the USA.  In preparation for their upcoming PTA performance, each classroom has been exploring important facts about some very notable people.

WES Hosts F.R.E.D 05-08-2015

A little girl is holding up a bookmark.April 20-24th Watauga Elementary School recognized fathers and reading by celebrating Fathers Read Every Day (F.R.E.D.). This promotion invited students’ fathers, grandfathers, and/or uncles to come to the classroom and read to the students.

GES History is a Bowl-ful of Fun! 05-08-2015

Five students and a female teacher with white history bowl shirts on, stand in front of the brick school building.Recently, the fourth grade students at Greendale Elementary participated in the History Bowl sponsored by the Washington County Extension Office.  Mr. Phil Blevins and Ms. Crystal Peek were the hosts for the event.

Damascus Middle School Seeks to Prevent Bullying 05-08-2015

Students sit at a table in the cafeteria.January is Bullying Prevention Month, a period of time set aside for schools to focus on making students aware of the negative impacts of bullying and the ways we as administrators, teachers, and fellow students can prevent bullying in our own schools. Damascus Middle School dedicated the week of January 26-30 to bullying prevention efforts, beginning with class meetings on Monday.

High Point Third Graders Enjoy Gardening! 05-08-2015

A boy and a girl holding up their plants in cups.This spring High Point third graders are learning gardening. Using dirt and seeds donated by Walmart and Burpee the students conducted a seed sowing experiment.

Washington County CTE Students Excel at State Competition 05-07-2015

A group of teenage boys and girls posed together.On April 18th and 19th, twenty students proudly represented the Washington County Career and Technical Center by participating in the Virginia SkillsUSA competition in Roanoke, VA.

Mrs. Donna Musick Virginia AITC Teacher of the Year Regional Finalist 05-07-2015

A teacher talks with four students about the fish in an aquarium. Mrs. Donna Musick, an educator at Damascus Middle School, has been recognized as a 2015 regional finalist in Virginia’s Agriculture in the Classroom Teacher of the Year program.  Virginia AITC is part of a nationwide effort to help teachers and students understand and appreciate agriculture, which is Virginia’s and the nation’s largest industry.

High Point Elementary Pre-K Teachers Talk, Sing, and Read! 05-07-2015

A group of women posed together.Talk, talk, talk!   Sing, sing, sing!  Read, read, read!  Language is the foundation of literacy and a natural way to learn.  This was the focus of Dr. Jean Feldman’s workshop, Rock, Rhyme, Write, and Read that High Point Elementary preschool teachers attended during February.

Abingdon Elementary Kindergarten Receives a Special Visitor 05-06-2015

Dave Dierks demonstrates a weather science experiment in front of the AES Kg class. Dave Dierks, from WCYB TV5 recently visited with the kindergarten classes at Abingdon Elementary.  He read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and did several experiments to help us understand our changing weather.

DMS Spanish I Students Learn Vocabulary in a Creative Way! 05-06-2015

Four students stand in front of Spanish vocabulary posters.After learning the Spanish vocabulary for articles of clothing and names of colors, Ms. Dalia Obregon’s Spanish I students went beyond a simple vocabulary test to demonstrate their knowledge!  The students prepared posters showing different articles of clothing in varying colors and labeled these with sentences in Spanish.