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Meadowview Elementary Second Graders Work on the Wall 10-29-2014

Three second grade students point to tens rods and ones blocks on a school wall to practice learning about place value.The second grade teachers at Meadowview Elementary have had their students doing a new job.  Several students have been spotted working on the wall! 

Kindergarteners at High Point Elementary LOVE apples! 10-28-2014

High Point Kindergarten students stand with Dr. Ratliff and Dr. Noe.During the month of September, the kindergarten classes at High Point have enjoyed exploring apples.  Students brought apples to school to share.  The classes did a variety of activities with the apples.  One of the kindergarteners’ favorite activities was a taste-test.  

Wallace Middle School Scientists Learn the Importance of Water Conservation 10-28-2014

A female student works on a computer.Students in Mrs. Puriefoy’s sixth grade science class have been researching the importance of protecting and maintaining water resources.  The students began their research by forming a hypothesis to answer the following question:  

Watauga ESL Classes Eat Up American Tall Tales 10-28-2014

Students eating pancakes.ESL classes at Watauga Elementary have been cooking up fun as they read  American Tall Tales .  Students enjoyed reading about giant flapjacks in the story of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.  

Damascus Middle School Celebrates Students who “Dare to be Different!” 10-27-2014

A group of students holding certificates stands against a wall.Damascus Middle School Students of Character for the months of August and September were selected because they “dare to be different!”  

RVES Students Participated in the Summer Reading Challenge 10-27-2014

Summer Readers at Rhea Valley Elementary SchoolRhea Valley Elementary School students took part in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge.  After reading each day during the summer, student could log their minutes read on the computer or their paper reading log. 

High Point Elementary School First Graders Learn With Technology! 10-24-2014

High Point Elementary First Graders work on iPads.High Point Elementary School first grade students are hard at work this fall learning math facts with the aid of technology.  Students are thrilled to engage in learning activities using their newly furnished iPads. 

Bill Wellington from Radio WOOF entertained Greendale Elementary Students 10-24-2014

One man is singing a song on a stage in front of a banner labeled, WOOF radio, to a group of students sitting on the floor.During two daytime performances on October 7, Greendale students had the wonderful opportunity to be whisked away in the world of folklore by Bill Wellington from Staunton, Virginia. He is a storyteller, folk musician, songwriter, and dance caller from Radio WOOF and entertains children of all ages.

Patrick Henry High School English Students Make Their Own Movies 10-24-2014

Eight people stand on stairs and hold a piece of paper.Students in Ms. Belcher’s 2nd block English 11 just finished reading and studying John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men. As a final project, students had to complete six steps while planning their film adaptation of the novel. 

Valley Students Writing Their Own Diaries 10-23-2014

Three students seated in chairs in front of a class holding up books.Recently fourth graders at Valley Institute had an opportunity to read to second graders. After reading Diary of a Worm  fourth graders began working on a writing prompt.  Working through the writing process these fourth graders became authors and illustrators.