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WES First Grade KidBloggers! 11-06-2014

Student working on computer.First graders at Watauga Elementary have embarked into the world of digital writing.  Each first grade classroom has a blog on the educational site, Kidblog.   Students can log in and respond to writing prompts from their teacher.  

Fourth Grade Greendale Elementary Students Mine for “Coal” 11-05-2014

Two students, one boy and one girl, are sitting at their desks working on mining for chocolate chips in two cookies on paper towels on the desks.To wrap the unit in Natural Resources, Mrs. Kiser’s classes at Greendale Elementary were given the opportunity to mine for coal.  Using two types of chocolate chip cookies and toothpicks, the students were able to mine for coal and see how easy or difficult the mining industry can be.  

Preschoolers Learn About Fire Safety! 11-05-2014

High Point Preschool Students and Teachers Pose with Fire Truck.As part of Fire Prevention Month, preschool students at High Point Elementary School learned about fire safety.  The students spent a day in the classroom learning about the importance of smoke detectors in the home and how to safely get out of a burning building.  

John S. Battle Hosts Fourth Annual Field of Faith 11-05-2014

John S. Battle stadium was filled for the Fourth Annual Fields of Faith.On Wednesday 8 October, John S. Battle High School hosted the fourth annual Fields of Faith at Battle Field. Fields of Faith is an FCA sponsored event with students and coaches from around the local area sharing their testimonies and encouraging the community with the Gospel message.

Damascus Middle School Students Show Their School Spirit! 11-04-2014

A teacher places a crown on a student while several other students look on.The week of October 6-10 was a celebration of Homecoming spirit at Damascus Middle School!  Tying in with Holston High School’s theme of “There’s No Place Like Homecoming,” students celebrated with dress-up days throughout the week.  

Reading Pays Off! 11-04-2014

High Point Second Graders Read!Second Grade students at High Point Elementary have been "Busy Bees" with reading this year!  In fact, the grade level total is already close to 12,000,000 words!

Abingdon High School sees a Dream Come True 11-04-2014

Three young men stand in a field with a walking trail in background.Abingdon High School Falcons celebrate the shared vision, communal support, and the eventual reality of The Panicello Memorial Trail.  

Patrick Henry High School Students Create Quipus and Zampoñas 11-03-2014

A girl and a boy hold  colored strings.The Spanish three students at Patrick Henry High School recently concluded a unit study of the Incan empire.  They read about and discussed the language, food, and history of the Incan culture.  

Fourth grade student from Meadowview Elementary School was "Teacher for a Day." 11-03-2014

Cameron B. stands in front of a Sierpinski triangle, reaching from floor to ceiling on the wall.Cameron B., works quickly on assignments, so in her spare time, while classmates are finishing up, she enjoys learning about new things. Cameron researched the mathematical phenomenon of fractals.

Mental Math Bee at Greendale Elementary 11-03-2014

Nine students who were winners from the Mental Math Bee stand in the hallway holding up their certificates.Poptarts cost $1.89.  If you have $10, how many boxes of Poptarts could you buy?   It takes 12 minutes to get to school and 45 minutes to get ready.  What time do you need to wake up if you must arrive at school by 8:15?