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Meadowview Elementary Students are Using Legos for S.T.E.M. 03-20-2015

Two second grade boys sit in the floor working with a set of Legos.In January, Meadowview Elementary School received some special packages in the mail.  Legos!  Actually, 12 kits of Legos were received to be used in Mrs. Mink's 2nd grade class and Mrs. Cury's 1st grade class. Mrs. Mink and Mrs. Cury agreed to pilot the Lego Education program after attending the NCTM conference in Richmond this past fall.

Valley Institute Raises Money for Queen Of Hearts 03-20-2015

Two rows of students standing in front of rows of heartsValley Institute students shared in a fundraising opportunity for John S. Battle Queen of Hearts contestant, Elissa Tester.  Students purchased "hearts" daily to show their support for the American Heart Association.

Last Day of School and Graduation Dates 03-19-2015

The Washington County School Board voted at its March 16, 2015, School Board 

Meeting to set the last day of school as Thursday, May 28, 2015.


The Washington County School Board voted at its March 16, 2015, School Board Meeting for the 2015 graduation dates to be set as follows:

The Greendale Choir Begins a New Semester 03-19-2015

Approximately 37 student, boys and girls, wearing green choir polo shirts, stand on risers on a stage with a black curtain behind them.The Greendale Choir began rehearsals on Tuesday, January 13 for the spring semester. Mr. Fore is happy to welcome 10 new members to the choir, and is looking forward to helping them catch up on our two competition pieces as well as teaching the entire choir our new songs for the semester.

Roses are Red, Solutions are Violet at PHHS 03-19-2015

Students stand and hold up their hands.Patrick Henry AP chemistry students completed a laboratory exercise using crystal violet dye to measure rate of change. This key lab in the kinetics unit measures the change in light transmission using a strongly basic solution and crystal violet. The dye fades from a strong violet color to colorless in the basic solution.

Second Graders at Watauga Present A Program on Ancient Egypt 03-18-2015

Three children dressed up in ancient Egyptian costumes. One is dressed as pyramid.Watauga Elementary second graders presented a program at the February P.T.A. meeting, using the theme "Ancient Egypt."

WMS Agriscience Classes Learn About Fluid Dynamics 03-18-2015

Three boys standing with their project.Students in Mr. Hawkins seventh grade Agriscience class are engineering creative ways to transport water. Students must collaborate, plan, and create a method of moving water over a five foot void without loss of volume.

Damascus Middle School Students Make County and District Choruses 03-17-2015

A group of students poses in front of a large map.Damascus Middle School has some talented singers!  Nineteen 7th and 8th Grade Chorus students were selected for the 2015 All-County Chorus.

Holston Singer is Among the Best 03-17-2015

A teenage female student is standing in front of a wall at the completion of a choral competition.Ashelyn W., a junior at Holston High School, was recently selected for the 2015 Virginia All-State Chorus. Competitive auditions were held on Friday, February 13 at Union High School in Big Stone Gap. She is in elite company, as only 24 students we selected from each district.

Dr. Yost Reads for Abingdon Elementary Pre-School 03-16-2015

A man sitting in a chair reading to children sitting on a floor.Dr. Yost, Supervisor of Instruction for Washington County Schools, also came to read to pre-school. The children enjoyed the story, Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle. Dr. Yost helped them see how magical reading can be because sometimes you learn things, sometimes reading is just fun, and sometimes it’s both!