“Mr. Electricity” at HPES

Recently, Mr. Brian Ritz, “Mr. Electricity”- from BVU visited our fourth graders to present a S.T.E.M.  related program about electricity. He gave an “illuminating” demonstration of some key concepts of how electricity works.

Mr. Ritz both demonstrated how an electric current is created, and used students to participate in several “hands-on” activities that helped them to better understand static electricity, magnets, and how electricity is generated to use in electric motors. Students were able to better understand the idea of conductors, and circuits, and how atoms work to create a “flow” of electricity.

“Mr. Electricity” also cautioned students to always use safety when using electricity. He explained that people are also conductors of electricity, and never to use electrical devices around water. Students were able to understand the concept of conductivity by “completing a circuit” and getting a small “charge” of electricity, (a shock!). 

This program was a wonderful experience for our fourth graders, and so relevant to our study of electricity. Taylor W. helped to demonstrate how electricity can be generated by energy from the stationary bike. The bike was turning wire around a magnetic core which causes electricity to be generated to cause the lights to glow.

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Meredith Doane