Abingdon Elementary School 5th Graders Tie Reading and Science Together!

Two boys examining owl pellets.An owl pellet can tell us a great deal about the diet and digestion of an owl and the type of prey they are eating.  The fifth graders at Abingdon Elementary School got an up close look at owl pellets as a culminating activity to their novel study, Poppy by Avi.  Dr. Hamed, a biology professor from VHCC and two student assistants came to AES on December 4, 2017 to help
with the dissection activity.  Dr. Hamed brought field guides to help identify the skulls found in the pellets.  He also brought microscopes for the students to use to get a closer look at the mouse skulls and bones they found in their pellets.  It was a great learning experience and science connection to our novel study.

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Megan de Nobriga