Abingdon Elementary School | First Grade Visits Days of Long Ago

A man dressed in early 1900's clothing lecturing to students in an old house.Abingdon Elementary first grade students had an opportunity to travel to the past and learn about living in the days of long ago. On October 18 students traveled to Rocky Mount for a day of learning and fun.

Throughout the day students took part in demonstrations that provided a glimpse of life in the early 1900s. Visits included a kitchen showcasing a fireplace and hearth for cooking every day meals and a museum with tools and everyday items used in the 1900s. Students were able to feel a goose down bed and learned how feathers and berry juice were used to write letters. Students were able to see how people dressed and worked in the past. One of the favored stations that students enjoyed was the games and toys. Jacob’s ladder, spinning tops and the cup and ball proved to be a fun challenge for most students.

The outing was a learning experience enjoyed by all that attended.

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Tammy Adams