Abingdon Elementary Third-Graders are Learning through Hands-On Science!

AES third-graders observes a plant brought by Dr. Fleet from Emory and Henry.Abingdon Elementary School welcomed guest speaker Dr. Christine Fleet. Dr. Fleet is a professor of Biology at Emory & Henry College- but more importantly-she is parent to our own third-grader, T.R. She brought many plants from the E & H greenhouse so students could learn about their habitats, environments, and adaptations.

AES students examined Venus Fly Traps, Dragon plants, fern, and Elephant Ears, as well as, many native and nonnative species. All 3rd graders have been learning about the ocean, desert, tropical rainforest, and forest ecosystems around the world. Earlier in the school year, all 3rd graders in the county enjoyed a field trip to a Conservation Camp at Sugar Hollow Park.

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Annette Ferguson