AEP Read to Me Day at Greendale Elementary

One man wearing a blue polo shirt, khaki pants and hat uses hand gestures to emphasize the elements in the book he is holding while a group of young children sit on the floor in the forum facing him.Greendale’s second and third graders had the privilege of listening to Appalachian Power employee, Kevin Sigmon, read to them during Reading to Children Day on Thursday. Appalachian Power has provided this program to schools in communities where their employees live for the past few years. It is an opportunity for AEP employees to connect with schools and share the importance of reading.

Mr. Sigmon introduced the topic of electricity and what it provides for us. Also, he suggested other things children can do besides playing with electronic devices, which was the premise of the story he shared. The children thoroughly enjoyed the animated reading of “When Charlie McButton Lost Power,” by Suzanne Collins. Mr. Sigmon’s modulation and facial expressions throughout the reading mesmerized the children. During the story, he stopped and shared personal experiences from his childhood that related to events in the story. According to one of our third grade teachers, Mr. Sigmon’s presentation and reading offered an opportunity for children to get excited about using their imagination.

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Jennifer Ramseyer