AES Mrs. Roark’s Class Gingerbread House Village

A Gingerbread House Village.Recently, Mrs. Roark’s class was awarded a PTA grant from their school. This grant was used to purchase a convection oven and a stove burner. A discussion was held on several precautions and safety rules for this equipment and then the cooking began!

Recently, Mrs. Roark’s class created their own gingerbread house village. The village included houses, animals, and decorations that were individually created by each student. With this activity the students also learned several VAAP goals. One of the goals was a science activity learning about the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases. Another VAAP goal was learning about patterns. With the decorations, the students created and extended shape and number patterns. The students worked very hard on these creations. The village was displayed in the classroom for the whole school to enjoy during the season.

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Megan de Nobriga