AHS Portrait for An Orphan Project

A group of students holding up their drawings.This year 35 members of the Abingdon High School Art Portfolio Club each completed a portrait for a orphan child from the country of Bolivia through theMemoryProject.org. Peace Corp workers deliver the portraits for us.

Each year we complete portraits for orphan children around the world to help boost a child's self esteem with portrait and a letter letting them know how much me care about them and well wishes for a bright and hopeful future.  Also it is a whole lot of fun for us and the children. Club members each pay $15.00 for their portraits to be sent, this year's total cost was $525.00. Our amount along with other students in the USA doing portraits contributed $4000.00 towards education and personal needs for these children. We would like to share this experience with you please click on the link and enjoy the video of the children receiving their portraits. The Sponsors were Heidi Anderson and Sarah Lovett the art teachers at AHS.

Contact Person: 
Heidi Anderson