AHS Slim to Win Challenge

2 groups AHS staff with dog food bags.Abingdon High School had 6 teams (4 people in each group) who participated in the faculty/staff "Slim to Win Challenge." Over a span of 12 weeks participants lost a combined weight of 412.4 lbs.

Overall winning team was "Slim Pickens" which included S. Weddle, D. Whichard, T. Toler, and L. Cumbow with 106lbs loss. Individual overall winner went to S. Weddle with a loss of 20% loss of body fat. Second place was J. Delp with a 14% loss of body fat. Third place was K. Dea with a 13.2% loss of body fat. To signify the overall weight loss participates brought in corresponding pounds of pet food to donate to the Washington Co Va Animal Shelter. Congratulations to the AHS faculty and staff that participated!

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Paula Nichols