Career Fair at Greendale Elementary 2014

An adult male is doing a presentation about cranes near the front of a classroom full of young children sitting in chairs. Students at Greendale Elementary School participated in a Career Fair on Tuesday, November 25, 2014. Students at each grade level listened to three different career speakers talk about their jobs. Speakers spoke for twenty minutes and then rotated to a different class.

Career Speakers were made up of parents, and community members. Speakers were:  David Hess, Supervisor for Tadano Mantis; John Singleton, Special Agent; Nakeesha Belcher, Nurse;  Shane Hanlon, Endangered Species Biologist; Stacy Gibson, Mental Health Counselor; Blaine Tate, Washington County Sheriff’s Department; Mike Willis, State Trooper; Debra McCown Journalist; Gloria Smith, Banker/Loan Officer; Nicole Hanlon, Appalachian Sustainable Development; Jim Denton, Musician; Adam Heath, Resource Officer; Kathy Neese, Medical Assistant; Holly Wheeling, Physician; Cathy Richardson, Nurse; Doc O’Neill, Probation Officer; Jennifer Bockhorst, Assistant U.S. Attorney  and Matt Helton, Engineer. Students learned a great deal about the many different occupations in the world of work and how learning at this level will help them to attain the jobs they want when they get older. Thank you to all of the speakers who participated!

Contact Person: 
Lisa Fugate