Child Nutrition Services: Second Chance Breakfast

A cafeteria worker standing at a point of sale system.Students at Holston High School are getting a second chance at Breakfast. In addition to serving a hot breakfast before school starts, Holston High School offers what it is calling a 2nd Chance Breakfast.

It's an opportunity for those who are rushed at home or running late for some reason in the mornings or for those who just don't want to eat right away when they wake up to grab something healthy to tide them over until it’s time for lunch. The breakfast meals must also meet federal guidelines. That includes the equivalent of a cup of fruit, milk and two grains, one of which can be a protein. Since starting the program this year, the number of students eating breakfast at Holston has doubled from approximately 60 being served daily in the Cafeteria to a total of 120 when 2nd Chance is added, for High School Students this is huge.  Francine Ivery, Coordinator of Child Nutrition Programs is very hopeful that this great opportunity for the students will soon be followed in the other High Schools as well.

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Francine Ivery