Congressman Griffith Visits John S. Battle High School

A man in a suit stands with high school age kids.On March 11, 2015 Congressman Morgan Griffith took a break from his busy schedule to visit John S. Battle High School.  Congressman Griffith met with a group of seniors from Mrs. Barrs’, Mrs. Davenport’s, Mrs. Daniel’s and Coach Posey’s classes.  He discussed the workings of congress and what his job entails.

The student’s then had opportunities to ask Congressman Griffith about issues facing the country today.  The questions ranged from local issues to issues facing all Americans today.  The students asked about the Alpha Natural Resources building being sold and what it means for the coal industry in southwest Virginia, the affordable care act (Obamacare) and how it impacts the students, immigration issues and the strain it places on the government, and fighting ISIS and other terrorist organizations.  After the meeting Congressman Griffith was very complimentary of the students he had on opportunity to meet with.  

Contact Person: 
Mike Posey