Three boys and one girl standing in front of science project.Students in the GSMS Life Science 7 classes worked together in cooperative groups to review previously taught lessons midway through the semester.  Vocabulary and concepts based on the Life Science SOL Objectives were used along with all levels of the Blooms Taxonomy to present a project.

Groups were assigned a textbook chapter, where they analyzed, evaluated and supported main ideas to be taught. Students applied, demonstrated, and discussed the chapter to the rest of the class so they could recognize and identify concepts.  The projects included activities that helped others recall and remember facts and content.  A short quiz was given at the end and groups used data tables to determine areas of weaknesses and strengths in their teaching methods.  A tri-fold board was created with all the areas represented in colorful ways.  Students enjoyed the project and stated they would like to participate in more projects where they present the information to be learned.

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Lisa Henderson