CTE Center Graduate Completes Training as a Pharmacist

A man and female student wearing a cap and gown shaking hands.

LeAnne B., who graduated from the Washington County Career and Technical Center’s  Pharmacy Technician Program in 2011, received her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (Pharm.D.) from the Appalachian College of Pharmacy on April 30th.  LeAnne finished in the top 10% of her class and had the highest GPA in her cohort during her first semester at ACP.  ACP, located in Oakwood, Virginia, has an accelerated three year program.

LeAnne took advantage of the CTE Center’s program and found work immediately after graduating with a local major retail pharmacy.  She kept her job throughout her student tenure at ACP, returning to work weekends and holidays at the pharmacy.  Her employers have responded to her dedication by offering her a full time position as a pharmacist at one of their nearby stores.  After leaving the CTE Center, LeAnne attended Virginia Highlands College and entered their pre-pharmacy program.  There she completed her pre-requisites for admission to ACP.

LeAnne’s achievements are a testament to the quality of the programs at the CTE Center.    The faculty and staff at the CTE Center congratulate her and commend Pharmacy Technician Teacher Vickie Morrison for providing inspiration and giving LeAnne a successful start to what should be a promising career.

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Mike Stewart