Damascus Middle School | Gifted Students Complete Blood Typing Unit

A woman drawing blood from a girl.The gifted students at Damascus Middle School recently participated in a unit of study about Blood Typing.  The nurse at Damascus Middle School, Michelle Stiltner, helped with this unit by taking blood from each student using a lancet.

Drops of blood were gathered on four test sticks and applied to an EldonCard.  On this card were four circles that contained antibodies which reacted to the blood.  Once mixed with water and spread out, the blood reacted with the antibodies and coagulated, making a pattern.  Students were able to determine their blood type by comparing their results to a chart.  We had students in all four blood types--A, B, AB, and O (positive and negative).  After determining the blood type of each student, a discussion was held about the percentage of people with that blood type, whom they could donate to and receive blood from, the best diet for your specific blood type, interesting facts about each particular blood type, and diseases that are associated with each blood type.  It was a very interesting unit, and the
students enjoyed this unit, after the needle prick!  Students were treated to doughnuts at the end of the unit for the donation of blood.  Rhonda Mossholder is the Gifted Coordinator for Damascus Middle School.

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Rhonda Mossholder