Damascus Middle School Scientists Learn the Importance of Observation!

A group of students watch a teacher drop an egg during science class.Students in Mrs. Donna Musick’s sixth-grade science classes learned that sometimes hypotheses are not what they are “cracked up to be.”  Mrs. Musick began class on Friday, September 26 with instructions for students to use their prior knowledge to describe an egg.  

Even though the students were able to do so, they found that their descriptions were much more precise when they were allowed to carefully observe the egg.  After cracking the egg, the students made more observations and learned the parts of an egg.  As a concluding activity, Mrs. Musick asked the students to develop a hypothesis to explain what would happen if she dropped the egg accidentally, and most students predicted that the egg would crack open when it hit the floor, making a huge mess.  However, when Mrs. Musick dropped the egg, their hypothesis was wrong!  The students learned that careful observation (which in this case would have allowed the students to realize that the egg had been boiled), is a very vital part of the scientific method!

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Valerie Cox