Damascus Middle School Seventh-Grade English Classes Participate in an Hour of Code

A student using a chromebook.Students in Mrs. Lisa Blackburn’s seventh-grade English classes at Damascus Middle School had the opportunity to join millions of other students across the world in an Hour of Code on Friday, December 8, 2017.

From creating a new Google logo to designing greeting cards to coding a multitude of games, students learned about art, computer science, language arts, math, media, music, science, and social studies, all within the course of an hour. In addition to all they learned, students had a wonderful time!  Jackson W. chose to do the Artist activity because he could “create whatever [he] liked.”  Jeremiah B. created a new Google logo for International Instrument Day, in which each letter of “Google” was an instrument that played when you clicked on it.  Hopefully, participating in an Hour of Code is just the beginning of these students’ experiences with coding!

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Valerie Cox