Damascus Middle School Sixth-Graders Travel through Time

Three girls use a tablet to fly a drone.On Friday, November 17, Damascus Middle School sixth-grade girls traveled to the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center for the annual STEM conference for girls.  Focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics topics, the purpose of the conference is to inspire and interest girls in a variety of careers in these fields.

From building, investigating, and testing strength of structures to coding to drone flying, the girls were able to experience a lot!  Several girls noted that their interest in a future STEM career was definitely peeked from these experiences, so the conference was a success!  While the girls were looking toward the future, the sixth-grade boys were taking a trip to the past.  They visited the Museum of the Middle Appalachians in Saltville, where they learned about the salt mines, completed a scavenger hunt, and saw mastodon bones and fossils from the Ice Age!  The purpose of their trip was to learn more about our area’s history, as the museum is considered the “gateway to the past.”  Whether allowing students to explore the past or dream of the future, these field trips certainly added to students’ current education!

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Valerie Cox