Damascus Middle School Spanish Students Explore Picasso’s Art!

Students pose in front of a mural.Students in Ms. Dalia Obregon’s seventh-grade Spanish Exploratory class recently colored a beautiful mural based on a compilation of some of the best artwork done by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.  

The students learned that Picasso was one of the creators of the Cubism movement who also painted more realist paintings at different times of his life, known as his "Blue Period", "Rose Period", and "Classical Period." And from 1927 onward, Picasso focused on a movement known as "Surrealism."  After studying the artist, the students focused on his art.  The students demonstrated real teamwork on this project, as they each took a section of the larger picture and colored away!  Morgan C., Alexis G., Elizabeth H., Ashley J., Jordan K., Evan S., Baylee T., and Dawson V., all thought it was a fun and cool project to do!

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Valerie Cox