Damascus Middle School Students “Read for the Record!”

Students look at a book projected on to a screen.On Tuesday, October 21, Damascus Middle School students joined millions of other students across the nation as they “read for the record!”. Each year, Jumpstart sponsors this event to bring attention to literacy, through encouraging adults and children nation-wide to share in a reading experience.

 Jumpstart selects a different book each year; this year’s selection was Rosemary Wells’ Bunny Cakes, a humorous story about brother and sister Max and Ruby working together to help their grandmother celebrate her birthday. The students were encouraged to read stories like this one to their younger siblings, supporting literacy within families. In addition, the books used at DMS were donated to Rhea Valley Elementary School classrooms as a service project. Jumpstart’s goal this year was to break last year’s record for the largest number of people reading at the same time--2,462,860, a goal that Damascus Middle School teachers and students hope we helped to achieve!

Contact Person: 
Valerie Cox